Avengers 2015 Expo and 10k Recap

Lets talk Disneyland shall we!  I left late Thursday night so I could be at the expo bright and early Friday morning.  Little did I know the expo wasnt going to open Friday until noon.  This was really odd to me but whatever.  My friend and I first went to get our park tickets and spent a little time in California Adventure.  We had enough time to grab starbucks, get some pins and ride Soarin’ before heading off to the expo.


If you have never been to a Disneyland RunDisney Expo, Im warning you now…its about 1/2 the size as a Walt Disney World Expo.  My main goal was to get the medal pin (a replica of the medal you receive in pin form), the RunDisney ornament, and the New Balance Tinkerbell shoe.  First stop was the RunDisney store where everything was pretty much picked over.  I was able to score some RunDisney capris, I Did It! shirt, Avengers Half medal pin, and 2 sweaty bands.  The ornament was sold out and apparently they didnt make medal pins for the other races…bummer.  After that we went over to the New Balance booth.  Previous expos New Balance has set up a virtual queue so you dont have to wait over an hour in line.  I checked and there was not virtual queue for this expo.  I was concerned…but for no reason.  We were able to walk right up and get every size I asked for.  Ended up I was able to wear a kids size shoe and save about $75!!!  Same exact shoe, less money.  Makes me a happy camper.  The wings I had bought earlier in the year and the poof was $5 extra.  Duh I got the poof.  They also were selling silver wings, but since I already had the greens ones I stuck with those.  Super cute right!!!!


After New Balance I decided to try KT Tape.  For those of you who dont know about KT tape check out the product info here.  Basically its synthetic tape designed to give support and pain relief for different area of the body.  My knee had been bothering me on the last few long runs so I decided to try it out.  Normally the line to get tapped is super long but at this expo I think I waited 20 minutes.  The below is the day after i got tapped but you couldnt see it under my skirt from when I got it done.  Here you can definitely see it!  Ill give my thoughts on the KT tape with the half marathon review.  After that we stopped by the Raw Threads booth (really disappointing this year 😦 ), picked up my race packet/shirt/pre order pins and jacket then went to our lunch reservation at Big Thunder Ranch!  All in all we were at the expo for about an hour and a half.

KT Tape

Big Thunder Ranch is closing soon to make way for Star Wars so I wanted to try it out before its gone for good.  I really enjoyed the chicken and the ribs (its all you can eat) the cornbread was ok and I could live without the coleslaw.  I was full the rest of the day…granted we ate at 2pm but I literally was not hungry again until 9:30pm!  I didnt even eat a ton.


After lunch we walked Disneyland, rode a few rides, saw Its A Small World and Haunted Mansion Holiday editions then watched the Holiday fireworks (spoiler, they are the exact same as the diamond fireworks).  I ended up being back at the hotel around 10pm in bed at 11pm.  A little late for a 4:20am wake up call but I HAD to see the fireworks.

Saturday is 10k time!  My alarm went off at 4:20am and I was actually not extremely tired.  Got my costume on (Jane Foster version of Thor), grabbed a protein bar and a bottle of water and was out the door to catch the bus to the .5mile walk to the start line.  Disneyland races are much more low key to me.  Get up later, can walk to the start line, less corrals.  I was in B!!!!  I got to my corral and squeezed as close to the front as I could.  Promptly started at 5:30am with the wheelchairs, then Corral A, then me!  My plan for this race was to stop as often as I wanted for pictures but push the limits a little.  The weather was in the 40’s so I knew it was going to be a great race weather wise.  Turned out almost 4 miles of the 6.2 were in the parks!!  That was so fun spending most of the time in Disneyland and California Adventure.  I stopped and took quite a few pictures but picked up the pace when I started running again.


Honestly, the whole race I felt great!  I remember thinking “ok, this is why I love running!”.  The weather was great, the course was so flat and it was just fun!  I do wish there were more character stops but this was an Avengers race so there was probably some concerns about continuity (Disney takes that stuff seriously).  Since I was in Corral B the lines to meet Cap and Thor werent too long.  I didnt stop for Black Widow or Hawkeye but did stop at the Castle, Color Wheel, and a few other selfies along the way.  My official race time was 1:15:07 my watch time was 1:05:15 (I paused the watch when I was waiting in line).  Im really happy with how I raced this since I couldnt go all out seeing as I have the half Sunday.


What Went Well:

  • Could not have asked for better weather!  The cape I had helped keep me warm but anything more and I would have been too hot.  No humidity either so breathing for once was much easier
  • The course was almost totally flat making it pretty easy for me since thats what I train on
  • I was able to pick up the pace after stopping to meet characters
  • I actually stopped as often as I wanted to take pictures and enjoyed the race

What Could have gone Better:

  • There were a few inclines and the back of my calves got super sore.  I should have stretched that out more
  • I didnt have a cast member take my photo at the castle, I thought a photographer got it when I passed by but they didnt 😦

Look at that, more “went well” than “could have been better”.  Running this race I decided its going to be my castle to chateau challenge for next year.  It was so laid back and not stressful and honestly cheaper than Disney World.

After the 10K I went back to the room, had some breakfast took a shower and had a quick nap.  Around 10:30 I walked back to the parks.  My friend had a tour that morning so I walked around California Adventure a little, got my mini curros and took some pictures.  We met up after lunch rode more rides, did some shopping and had lunch at Carnation Cafe (they serve Walt’s Meatloaf which was huge and amazing).  After dinner I went back to the room to get a solid sleep in before the half tomorrow.  I got back to the room around 6:30, did my stretches and was in bed by 7:30pm.  I got a solid 7 hours of sleep, which Ill tell you all about how that impacted my race…a little later!!!!

CHIME IN!!!  When was your last race?  Do you like Disneyland or Disney World?

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