What I’m Thankful for This Year

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans!!  Everyone abroad…sorry you have to work today and dont get to stuff your faces with delicious food.  #sorrynotsorry.  I figured today is the perfect opportunity to think out loud AND be thankful!

Thanks for Amanda hosting on the holiday.  Link here.


  1. Before I get to the list of being thankful…general thought.  Were people as sensitive 15 years ago as they are today or is it just more magnified because of social media.  I feel like its because of social media, but 15 years ago I wasnt really paying attention to the world but more my teenage angst.  What do you think?

people are crazy2.   I had a few other thoughts earlier in the week that I wanted to share but dang it if I forgot to write them all down, but that just means more room to be thankful.  Lets do it!  First, Im thankful for a great family.  Yes they annoy me at times but in the grand scheme of things I have a pretty great family and wouldnt trade them.


3.  Im thankful I have a super talented/artistic husband who can make my ideas come to life.  We make a great team.

gingerbread familyoffice         This one he did the floor (with my dad’s help), painted the piano and made the Aurora silhouette.oreo paintingwand stand

4.  Im thankful for a great group of friends who endure my Disney-mania, running craziness and love of all things Harry Potter.  You guys rock.


5. Im thankful for having a job that allows me to travel.  This year, with my job alone, I have been to Chicago, Phoenix, San Antonio, Orlando, Amsterdam, and Dallas.  Last year I went to New York, San Francisco, Seattle, West Texas, and Amsterdam!!  I love to travel and am so happy I have a job that makes it so easy.


6. Im thankful that Im healthy enough to enjoy things like running, walking around theme parks, exercising.  I know not everyone can do some of these seemingly simple things and I have to remind myself to be thankful for that.


7.  Im thankful for my beautiful puppies that bring me happiness each and every day.  They dont judge, they just give unconditional love.  I would be a much meaner person without them in my life.  Oreo is my puppy soul mate and Whisp is Joes.


8.  Last but not least Im thankful for YOU!!!  Thanks for going on this blogging journey with me, commenting, and being a positive force.  You guys ROCK thanks for sticking with me.

you rock gif

9.  What are you thankful for?


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