Workout Recap 11/24-11/30

It feels like its been a while since I’ve done a workout recap, but I didnt do much the week I got back from Disneyland so nothing to report really.  This past week though was chock full of workouts and runs!  This was also my first week running 4 times in a week rather than the usual 3 and also my first week with a running coach planning my runs.  Let’s dive right in!

Monday:  30 min core class with lots of hip flexor work so I did modifications to keep my legs fresh for the runs.  That night 20 minutes of foam rolling and hip openers yoga

Tuesday:  40 min run at a very slow pace.  This ended up being about 3.2 miles at around a 12:30min/mile pace.  This was the first run from my coach which she is trying to get a feel for my base heart rate and pace.  In her directions she said to go embarrassingly slow…but it felt like my normal recovery pace so not sure what that says about me 🙂  That night 20 minutes of foam rolling and hip openers yoga.

Wednesday:  30 minutes core class emphasis on lower abs. That night 20 minutes of foam rolling and hip openers yoga.

Thursday: 3.1 mile Turkey Trot (virtual race) with (8) 30 second race pace pick-ups, not sprints.  Rest of run at easy conversation pace.  Coach said to monitor my heart rate as well but Im not used to doing that just yet.  Keeping track of the pick ups and seconds and foot falls was about all I could focus on.  The whole heart rate thing is new to me, gotta work on paying attention to that I guess.  No foam rolling today because it was Thanksgiving and I was too tired…and was out Black Friday shopping!

Friday:  Rest day, stayed off my feet for most of the day but did decorate the house for Christmas. That night 20 minutes of foam rolling and hip openers yoga.

Saturday:  4 mile run concentrating on foot form.  I have a heavy heel strike that the Hoka’s help tremendously with but with the Brooks I still do it.  I wore the Brooks for this run, the first mile concentrating on form went ok but the longer I ran the harder it was to stay focused on keeping my foot striking on the ball of my foot instead of the heel (thank you heel-toe marching band form for ruining my running form).  I dont know if it was working since the rain made Joe go back home but I think I was doing it…..The goal for today was 4.5 miles but it was raining and cold enough for me to not finish the last .5.  Normally I would find a way to make that last little bit, but I was so close to the house I just went home.  Soggy and cold I was 1000% done, oh and my socks were wet…BOOOO!  After the run I had a 90 minute massage focusing on my lower back and legs.  After all the running and traveling I really needed it.

tired puppy Oreo is wiped out from this weekend.

Sunday:  6.75 mile run at regular pace (which averaged out to around 12 min/mile).  It was cold and drizzling again but since I was running with my running club today I couldnt really just turn around and go home (the club meets in the Woodlands which is at least 10 miles from my house each way).  I did NOT want to get out of bed today, but I dragged myself up and out of the house and did it.  I only walked twice towards the end when I was just sick of being cold and rained on.  That night 20 minutes of foam rolling, back stretches and hip openers yoga.

rainy sunday

Monday: 30 minutes core class emphasis on lower back and shoulders.  I still have lingering issues from my shoulder bursitis so I had to modify some of the moves. That night 20 minutes of foam rolling, back stretches and hip openers yoga.

Phew that was a lot of workouts!!!  I am exhausted today but I have a run to get done later so we trudge on.

CHIME IN!!!  How have your workouts been going lately?  Do you run when its raining outside?  Have you put up your Christmas decorations yet?


4 thoughts on “Workout Recap 11/24-11/30

  1. I’m in awe of your ability to squeeze so much stretching in each week. Last week was pretty lazy for me as I tried to squeeze in as much time with family & friends as I could. Hip opening stretches sound great!

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    1. its tough sometimes but when i dont my body definitely feels the effects. it took me about 6 months to work out my IT band issues and I dont want those to come back. although when friends and family visit, that all goes out the window lol


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