WIWW #19

Happy 2nd day of December!  Who has all their Christmas shopping done?  ME!!  Done and done and waiting for all the boxes to come in so I can wrap them all and put them under the tree.  Helpful hint I learned from Dave Ramsey—save a little money all year for gifts that way when the holiday comes around you arent using credit cards to pay for presents.  I loved this idea and it worked really well for us.

Now!  I am very excited about today’s outfit because its my outlook on life and also a life goal.  Can I just win the lottery already so I dont have to deal with bills and such anymore?  K, thanks!


Of course I had to post in front of the Christmas tree!  I need to figure out a better lighting situation, tips anyone other than using the flash?

Shirt: ModCloth

Jeans: Express

Boots: DSW

Earrings: Kendra Scott (similar)

CHIME IN!!!  Do you love to travel?  All your christmas shopping done or are you a last minute kind of person?  Do you put up a christmas tree?


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