Thinking Out Loud #12

Linking up with Amanda today here.


  1. I may have spent most of yesterday moving a ton of photos from Google photos to Amazon Cloud storage.  Why you ask?  Google only allows you to store 15GB for free but if you are Amazon Prime you can store an UNLIMITED amount of photos (muisc / other files there is a limit but I am only using it for photos).  Its a pain to move everything but I must prefer all my memories on the cloud just in case something happens to my current form of storage.  I dont want to lose everything!


2. UPS delivered 2 packages to my house yesterday and the 3rd to a house in a different section of my neighborhood…how does that even happen.  She didnt have the same house number, similar street name…nothing!  The UPS delivery person for my neighborhood is pretty sucky though so I cant say Im surprised.  Luckily the nice neighbor posted on the neighborhood facebook page that she got my package.  Yay for honest and nice people!

UPS meme

3.  Its that time of year again…you know…the time of year where I have eaten all the meatballs and pasta sauce I made and have to make a new batch.  This is a time consuming process so I dont do it often but when I do I make a big batch.  The house is going to smell so good!

pasta sauce

4.  Anybody score some great deals on Black Thursday/Friday?  I used to shop at The Limited all the time when I had to wear suits to work.  Now that I work in a more casual office I dont really shop there at all.  I dont know how I lucked out but I got a 60% off entire purchase email invite the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  I got a few sweaters, these actually, for my trip to London and just in general.  60% off at The Limited makes me happy.

 1 here.  2 here.  3 here.

5.  Speaking of great deals Victoria’s Secret is having an after hours shopping event this Sunday where they normally let you combine all the coupons you have plus the discount offer of the day which can add up to a ton of money saved.  Check out details here to see if a store near you is participating.

6.  I cant think of anything else to say today so Im going to stop here.

CHIME IN!!!  Whats new with you?  Are you a coupon saver?  Are you ready for Christmas?



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