KT Tape Review

I was browsing through previous blog posts and noticed I mentioned doing a review of KT Tape after the half marathon but never did!  This review is based solely on my first experience with KT Tape from the purchase, taping, to the actual run.  Here we go!

KT Tape

If you have ever been to a runDisney event then you are well aware of the line that is the KT Tape taping station.  I have always wanted to learn more about it but dont have the patience for those kinds of lines at an expo.  While at the Avengers Expo the line was shorter than normal so I decided to give it a whirl.  I listened to the sales rep talk about KT Tape, but here is the summary from the website.

  “Whether you’re training for your first marathon, getting ready for your next game, reaching a personal fitness goal, or just trying to get through the day, you already know that nothing slows you down faster than pain and injury. KT TAPE is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and can be used for hundreds of common injuries such as lower back pain, knee pain, shin splints, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tennis elbow, just to name a few.


KT TAPE is applied along muscles, ligaments, and tendons (soft tissue) to provide a lightweight, external support that helps you remain active while recovering from injuries. KT Tape creates neuromuscular feedback (called proprioception) that inhibits (relaxes) or facilitates stronger firing of muscles and tendons. This feedback creates support elements without the bulk and restriction commonly associated with wraps and heavy bracing. KT Tape gives you confidence to perform your best.”


The past few long runs I’ve done, the inside of my left knee has been bothering me.  Let me define bothering since thats very vague…a dull ache with lots of pressure on the inside with a mix of needle sharp pains every now and then.  Its weird but doesnt happen often enough for me to talk with my doctor about it, but often enough that Im ready to try a different solution than nothing lol.

KT Tape with minnie talking with Minnie about colorful shoes

This is where KT Tape comes in.  I see so many people at runDisney events with the bright colored tape and always wondered about it.  Since it is supposed to help runner’s knees I decided now would be a good time to try it out.  First step was I wanted to get professionally applied tape rather than trust me to understand an online video.  KT Tape instructional videos can be found here and are actually pretty good, I just like to watch someone do it in person.  The application was a two step process with the first step cleaning the area with rubbing alcohol then spraying with the KT Tape adhesive spray.  This spray is pretty sticky and actually caused some issues for me (more to come on that).  Once that was applied I had to wait for another person to put on the tape.  The girl who did my knee applied the tape in under 5 minutes, meaning it was a little too fast for me to watch and turned out to be a little too fast for perfect application.  I just did my left knee and was on my merry way.

KT Tape Carsland KT Tape is reflective…see its shinny on my knee 🙂

Problems arose when I realized the adhesive was sticking to my skirt and pulling the tape off the top of me knee…grrr.  This happened only a few hours after leaving the expo and there was no way I was going back to get it fixed.  I was able to get the top of the tape to stick to my leg and wiped the extra sticky spray off my knee.  I think that will be an important reminder in the future, wipe off the excess spray.  I wasnt too worried about the tape coming off during the race since I was wearing tights for each race, thank goodness.  For the 10k I didnt really need the tape (at that distance my knee has yet to act up) but I wasnt going to take it off until after the half marathon.  My knee felt fine and no issues for the rest of the day.  By that night the tops of the tape wouldnt stay down as a result of yesterdays problems.  When I got back to the hotel I trimmed the tops to the point where it was still sticking and hoped for the best.  After watching the taping video I see where I went wrong (you pull the tape tight at the top and by cutting that off I created slack in the line so to speak)…but I didnt know that at the time :)When I woke up the next day one strip of the tape (out of 4) had almost come all the way off.  I reapplied the strip and stuck it on my knee with gauze tape I had for my feet then put on my tights to hold it in place.

KT Tape with Walt You can kinda see from this picture how the tape is coming up on the top edges

What I will say is I didnt notice the tape at all when I walked around the parks and during my runs.  Im not 100% sure its the reason I didnt have any knee pain during my run but, I didnt have any knee pain and the tape was the only difference between the half marathon and my last long run where I had knee pain.   Overall I think its great to use products that reduce injury and help healing.  This may also be a product that is a mental comfort…as in it may have as much benefit as your mind is giving it if that makes sense.  I will continue to use KT Tape on longer runs to prevent any knee injury and maybe even just peace of mind.  My dad cant run anymore because of knee issues and I dont want that to happen to me.  If KT Tape is going to help with that then thats what Im going to use.

KT Tape during 10k You can kinda see the tape through these tights

I know that is waaaaaaaay too many words for something as simple as Kinesiology tape (the actual name of KT tape) but I wanted to do the review justice since I wore it for more than just the race.  Because the tape was pretty much all coming off by the end of the half I didnt wear it for the rest of the day, but like I said I didnt have any knee pain until I got on the plan the next day.  I almost always get some knee pain sitting on a plane for more than 3 hours though so I dont think that was a race related thing.

Here is the specific tape I used, but there are a couple other options and tons of other colors available if you are interested.  Click here to buy some.

green KT Pro Tape

***DISCLAIMER***I was in no way compensated for this review, I paid for the KT tape out of my own pocket.  I am writing this review for anyone who, like me, has never used it before and wander what all the hype is about.

CHIIME IN!!!  Have you used KT Tape before?  Do you try new products before a race?  What is your favorite color?

6 thoughts on “KT Tape Review

  1. Hi I just read your post on KT. I am a fan of KT like products. I use them all the time on my patients. Also you might want to try to tape your foot next time you run. A lot of times other joints are picking up some of the shock absorption, that the joints in your foot should.


  2. Hello! I am about to run my first Disney half marathon (eek!) and was wondering about the cost of the KT Taping experience at the Expo? Just like you mentioned, I have never wanted to wait in lines for the taping but was curious as to what exactly do you pay for. Also, would you happen to know if you can bring your own KT brand tape and have them apply it? Thanks! PS Love your race costume 🙂


    1. at the expo they will tape you up if you buy at least 1 roll of KT tape. I think I paid $20 for 2 rolls at the expo but that was a while ago now I just buy on amazon. if you are running the Princess Half there can be a long line to get taped but their website has really great videos if you want to try it yourself. I’ve never asked them to apply my own but my guess would be no since they are trying to sell the product at the expo. Hope that helps!!


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