Workout Recap 12/1-12/7

It has certainly been an interesting week as far as training goes, lets talk!

Tuesday:  4 mile run at easy pace.  It was raining in the morning so I took this run to the treadmill at the gym.  I used a different pair of shoes, an old pair actually which made for a rough 4 miles.  Average pace was 11:30 according to my watch but the treadmill said 12.  Not sure which to go with.  Lesson learned here, if the shoes are old and you retired them for a reason leave them retired.  I took them to Goodwill that afternoon.  That night 20 minutes of stretching, foam rolling, hip openers.  Ugh those IT band stretches!

Wednesday:  30min core class.  You guys, Im starting to realize why its so hard.  Im using my legs rather than my core to do some of the exercises.  My legs are stronger (obviously) so they do the work.  It is HARD to make my body stop doing that.  Now that Im aware Im going to work on engaging the core rather than my bigger muscles.  That night 10 minutes stretching, foam rolling, hip openers.

Thursday:  3.5 miles at regular pace (around a 11:30/12 min mile) starting at 1 incline for 15 minutes than 5 hill repeats with a 5 incline for 2 minutes each not changing running pace.  Oh man this was ROUGH.  The last 2 my breathing was crazy hard and my heart rate was getting pretty high.  The last hill I may have started to have an out of body experience in a bad way.  I forgot to wear my compression sleeves and paid the price a little.  Shins got extra attention that night during stretching.  That night 15 minute stretching, hip openers, back stretches, shin massage.  I wore my old Mizunos today, ok again with the old shoes here.  It must be noted that these are the shoes I got my stress fracture in.  Just…remember that.

Friday:  Rest day!  That night 10 minute stretching, hip openers, back stretches, shin massage.

Saturday:  4.5 mile run on hilly terrain.  I dont really live anywhere close to hilly terrain but I ran the lake and there are a few inclines.  Ended with an average pace of 10:45 kept heart rate around 160.  It was nice and cold and running around the lake for a change was a nice way to mix it up, plus the dogs loved it!  Last mile was pretty rough, was having issues with my left foot and it actually felt like when I had the stress fracture in my right foot earlier this year.  From Saturday until today I have been in my boot as a precautionary measure.  That night 15 minutes stretching, foam rolling, hip openers, back stretches.

Sunday:  Goal today was 7.5 miles (heart rate no higher than 150 bpm) but I only did 6.5 and honestly I was mentally struggling with what to do from mile 3.  I was struggling because I couldnt tell if it was just a normal foot pain or like the stress fracture pain.  Im way too close to my next race to have an injury but I dont want to let my coach down and be “that girl” who’s full of excuses.  I ended up walking a few times but mentally decided to do what I could and ended up tacking on 2.5 miles more than what I thought I was going to do.  I was super disappointed with myself but I guess its better than breaking my foot.  Positives though, it was a beautiful day and I was able to keep my average pace around 11:55 with my heart rate under 150.  It was different for me to not pay attention to pace so much as heart rate.  I liked it because it felt a little more freeing to just run and not worry about anything but how fast my heart was going.  It was a downer because I had to look at my watch more to keep an eye on it, which I dont like doing as much.  It was a nice change of pace though and wont mind doing more runs like that in the future.  No stretching tonight I was exhausted from all the craziness that day.

Monday:  30 minute core class with some arm work.  My chest is sore today so that tells me I did the right amount of weight yesterday.  Im up to a 7 pound weight!  Thats exciting for me because I started out at a 4 and thought I would die.  Progress!  That night 15 minutes stretching, foam rolling, hip openers, back stretches.

I think my foot issues are due to being stupid and wearing shoes that I shouldn’t have.  For the weekend I ran in my normal shoes (Brooks and Hoka) but during the week I ran in old shoes that haven’t done right by me in a long time.  I also think the Mizuno’s are officially a bad shoe for me because thats twice now foot issues have been linked to wearing them.  Its too bad really because they are great shoes, they just arent right for me.  I am also officially retiring my Clifton 2’s this weekend when I get my Bondi 4’s at Fit2Run (love this store).  I cant handle the blisters anymore.  As a runner I know my feet arent going to be beautiful foot model quality, but I shouldnt have hideous blisters on the sides of my feet either.  The struggle is real yall!

CHIME IN!!!  Have you done something silly like wear shoes you know you shouldnt?  What area are you trying to strengthen?  Do you get my Hakuna Masquata shirt?


4 thoughts on “Workout Recap 12/1-12/7

  1. I literally did this shoe thing three days ago, except they weren’t my shoes. It was so cold out and my Vibrams don’t offer insulation so I wore someone else’s too small shoes. I ended up taking them off and running literally barefoot for a mile in the rain. Lesson learned.


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