Thinking Out Loud #13

Happy Thursday Friends! Linking up with Amanda here


  1. Im heading on a plane very soon to go to Disney World with Amy and Caitlin.  They arent coming until tomorrow so that means 1 day of Rachael shenanigans!  I have reservations at Morimoto Asia but believe me, most of the day will be checking out as much of the Christmas amazingness as I can in one day.  Gingerbread houses Im looking at you!

grand floridian gingerbread house 2012

2.  I think Im slowly converting to Almond Butter.  Where I work we can order healthy snacks for the office and I recently requested Justin’s Almond Butter.  So far I have tried Maple and Honey with Maple the clear winner of the two.  I only eat it with an apple for my afternoon snack.  The first time I ate it…YUCK!  Ok so I am used to creamy peter pan peanut butter and this was a stark change from that.  Its good though now that I’ve had it a few times and healthier than peanut butter.  Only downside, its so dang expensive!  $11 for a jar at my local HEB.  Yikes!!

justin almond butter

3.  Im not one for having personal items all over my desk but I do have a tiny my little pony Doctor Hooves because he looks like my favorite doctor (10 of course)!  How cute is he?!  Im not a fan of my little pony of anything, but I am a fan of all things cute 🙂  I find myself staring at it every now and then when my mind needs a break.

doctor hooves

4.  One of the few good things about it getting dark super early now is that I get to watch a cool sunset from my bus stop.  This one I literally stopped walking just to snap this picture.  It was much cooler in person (as usual) but you get the just.  I love when the sky is ombre.

downtown sunset

5.  I am on the hunt for the perfect hot chocolate mix.  I have experimented with a few but none have been creamy and rich enough for my taste.  This recipe comes pretty dang close, I think what Im missing is milk.  I make my hot chocolate with water because of a slight lactose intolerance but I think milk would push it over the edge.  I dont know why but I really enjoy making my own hot chocolate mix.

6.  Speaking of hot chocolate, I cant wait to go to Ghirardelli and get their gingerbread hot chocolate.  Now that is a hot chocolate done right!  I mean, what would it say about them if it was bad!  Also, the salted caramel hot chocolate is magic in a cup.  Just in case you wanted to know 🙂

sea salt hot cocoa (source)

7.  You know you are ready for Disney when you come to work dresses like a casual princess.  I make no apologies.  Can we make that catch on, “princess casual” because I really think that needs to be a thing.

princess causal

8.  What are you thinking about today?


5 Comments Add yours

  1. That is the cutest little horse. 😉 And I love giant gingerbread houses. 🙂


    1. whostardis says:

      I wouldn’t mind living in the house for a day 🙂


  2. I may be a little biased given my peanut allergies, but YAY for almond butter 😀 Justin’s maple is definitely one of my favourites. And have the best time at Disney!!! I’ve always wanted to see it around the holidays… one of these years.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Brittany says:

    I’m thinking about how jealous I am of all your Disney adventures.


    1. whostardis says:

      Avengers 2016 you should join me!


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