Well That Was Awkward

I didnt intend to not post last week…and then life happened.  Back to back travels got the better of me and I am still exhausted from the whirlwind that was last week.

I dont really have anything of substance to say today because honestly Im still tired and need like a 20 hour nap.  I do though have some highlights from last week to share!  Tomorrow Ill be back with normal posts 🙂

alone at disney

I went to Disney for Christmas!  The first day (thursday) I was by myself and I thought it would be funny to get a mistletoe shot to send to Joe.  Luckily the photopass lady was totally for it and it turned out cute 🙂

drinks in germany

Day 2 (friday) Caitlin joined me in the afternoon and we drank our way around the world with Holidays at Epcot.  Germany of course had the best drinks with mulled wine and liquid black forest cake.


As close as I will probably ever get to a TARDIS but Ill take it!


Cue the magic shots.  I love magic shots!


Day 3 (Saturday) Amy joined us (the night before but really late, poor Amy with travel troubles) and of course a magic shot.  We are FABULOUS dont hate!

Sunday was traveling home then packing straight away for San Antonio.  I actually pre-packed most of my clothes before I left for Disney so all I had to do really was switch suitcases.  I’ve done this before 🙂  While in San Antonio (Mon-Wed) I ate some fancy adult food and felt very grown up…then I had meatball pizza.  Balance, am I right!

grace graduation

Thursday my sister graduated college!!!!!!!  She has a bachelor’s degree is Music and Im super proud…if you couldnt already tell!!!  She worked really hard and is the last in the family to graduate from University of Houston.  Cougar family here people.

Friday was party prepping and cookie making because Saturday was the Grinch party!!!  Im not going to post all those pictures just yet, but here’s a preview of my makeup and hair for me being the Grinch.

grinch party

When going to a who party you make a who face!  Sunday I was so exhausted but managed to make 5 dozen gingerbread cookies (regular and gluten free) and gnocchi!  Fhew!  I said it was a whirlwind week!

CHIME IN!!!  What have you been up to lately?  Been to any fun themed parties?  Are you ready for Christmas?


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  1. You look so adorable with your Christmas ears! Disney looks great over Christmas! I’ve actually been once during the new year when I was in the marching band at Penn State. We had a bowl game in Orlando and stayed on a beach, then got to play in Disney and explore for the rest of the day! Best free trip ever.

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    1. whostardis says:

      thank you! Those ears of my favorite. Yes Disney at Christmas time is just magical, how fun you got to go with the band, free trips are the absolute best!


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