Workout Recap 12/8-21

Two weeks of workouts to share today!  Thats what happens when I get too lazy to do a post.  Yikes.  I did workout though I promise, let me prove it to you 😀

Tuesday:  30 minutes on elliptical with 9 incline and 9 resistance.  This was my very first time on the elliptical and had no idea what I was doing.  It felt really difficult on my quads but apparently 9 and 9 is very difficult…now I know for next time lol.   Ended with 30 minutes at 2.75 miles.  This was a good workout for my foot which at the time was still hurting pretty badly.  15 minutes foam rolling and stretching at night.

Wednesday:  off.  I had meetings around Houston and wasnt able to get to the gym to do core class.  15 minutes stretching and foam rolling that night.

Thursday:  6 miles with 8×20 second repeats ended up with 5.7 miles.  Last 15 minutes feet felt really heavy and breathing was pretty hard because of the humidity but on the plus side I didnt walk at all!  Overall I was pretty happy with this run.  GPS was about .2 miles off though because of the fog boo!

Friday:  I did have a scheduled run but my foot was hurting so bad I decided not to.  Plus all the walking around Disney the day before I was exhausted.  I decided to rest and wear the boot all day to help it out.

disney boardwalk gingerbread

Saturday:  3.75 miles with a little faster pace.  The weather was warmer than I expected but I felt good considering I hadnt stretched in  days.  Foot was still hurting though.  I realize now how my runner high affects me, I feel no pain until hours later.  Probably not a good thing right 😛  More walking around Disney but today until 1am so needless to say I was wiped by the end of the night.

Sunday:  Travel day.  Had a scheduled run but didnt have the time between flights and getting prepped for my next travel day tomorrow.

Monday:  Travel day, should have been a rest day but traveling is never rest for me 😦

Tuesday:  rest day

Wednesday:  45 minutes on elliptical with resistance at 6 and incline at 6.  Ended with almost 4 miles.  Felt pretty good but felt even better to get home and spend 15 minutes stretching and foam rolling.  It has been almost a week since I did some solid stretching/foam rolling so needless to say I was pretty stiff.

Thursday:  rest day.  Busy day, my sister graduated today!!!!!!  15 minutes foam rolling and stretching that night.

Friday:  30 minutes elliptical with incline and resistance at 2 with fast feet.   I felt like I was going super fast the whole time but only did 2.75 miles, guess I just dont know how to use the elliptical…15 minutes stretching, foam rolling, back stretches that night.

Saturday:  1hr 30 min = 8 miles at 11:30 pace.  Legs would not warm up today, it was cold outside but not cold enough for them not to warm up.  Felt like I was running through mud, ugh so frustrating.  The lack of sleep and all that walking at Disney definitely caught up with me.  I had a 90 minute massage later that morning and I had her focus on my legs which totally helped.  I really needed that.

Sunday:  I had a run scheduled but I put it off till Monday I needed the rest, and even still that day felt wiped out.  15 minutes stretching, foam rolling that night.

Monday:  50 minutes at normal pace with 8×30 second repeats.  I did this on the treadmill so the first 4 were at 8.5 speed the last 4 were at 8 pace.  Ended with 4.25 miles.  Was suppossed to do 60 minutes but being this was during work hours that extra 10 minutes was just too much considering I still had to shower and change.  I felt pretty good actually.  The run was hard but I didnt want to fall over and die at the end.  I felt like I pushed just enough that I felt like I couldnt have done much more and lasted as long as I did.  15 minuntes stretching, foam rolling and back stretches that night.

And now we are all caught up!  I dont know why I make stupid faces when I take a selfie…more fun than a regular face?!?  My camera is sucking at self timer pictures and I feel silly taking self timer action shots at the gym anyway (ok silliER than I already do taking selfies).  Sorry for the ugly sweats…that just means I killed that workout right!

If you can see from the above workouts, things didnt really go as planned this week with missing workouts and foot injuries.  Its been a rough couple of weeks but I think my foot it getting better.  I had my friend Lauren use KT Tape on my hurt foot and it feels SO much better now.  I’ve also been extremely tired which always makes workouts harder.  I hope to catch up on some zzzzz’s this weekend, but you know what they said about the best laid plans.

CHIME IN!!!  How have your workouts been lately?  Are you enjoying the cooler weather?  Do you use puppies as blankets?


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