WIWW #21

Its almost CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!  My favorite holiday is almost here!!!  I wish it was colder.  Its a little difficult to get in the holiday spirit when you are wearing shorts.  Oh well, my house is festive and I have the Christmas spirit and thats all that matters.

In the spirit of all things Christmas I decided to wear one of my holiday shirts.  This is one of my favorites for obvious reasons (Doctor Who!!!!!).

Also an update on the Tieks.  Since I have worn them quite a lot and at Disney they were starting to look a little lack luster.  Per the website you can use a good leather cleaner on them to keep the shoes looking nice.  I bought a leather cleaner on Amazon (of course) and buffed them up following the instructions on the bottle.  They look just like new now!  Since Tieks are higher quality its important to use a good quality cleaner on them so your investment is well protected 🙂


Shirt: ModCloth, although you can buy it other places as well (like amazon!)

Jeans: Express (similar, crops arent in season right now because its supposed to be winter right now lol)

Shoes: Tieks (still loving them by the way).

CHIME IN!!!  Are you feeling in the holiday spirit?  Have any favorite holiday clothes to wear?  What are you doing today?

5 thoughts on “WIWW #21

  1. Tough for me to get in the holiday spirit too. We are away from home for Christmas for the first time in 7 years. We decided to delay our Christmas until New Year’s Day. My children are having a hard time with it as am I. They are 12 and 15 so they get that we need to be with family this year but it is still hard. I LOVE Christmas too.

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