Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas Eve!  I hope everyone is having a great day and are either off work or will be off soon.  I took the day off because I have some cooking to get done, and well, thats what PTO is for right!  Since we are soooooo close to Christmas, Im going to do a Thinking Out Loud Christmas edition!

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  1. Christmas to me is about spending quality time with the family.  Yes we exchange gifts and yes we eat till we need to be rolled out of the house but its about spending time together.  Luckily I live close to my family so its not a once a year kind of thing but I know not everyone is as fortunate (if you like your family that is).


2.  In line with #2 I, for the most part, enjoy spending time with my family.  Yes they get on my nerves and sometimes I just want to be in my quiet space but they are my family and Im happy they are mine.  I know this isnt always the case for people either so Christmas just reminds me of my blessings.

DSC_00283.  Not to get religious on everyone but for me its important to also remember the whole reason we are celebrating the Christmas season.  Jesus’ birthday!  While the is a lot of talk about December 25th not being his actual birthday…I wasnt there I dont know, but it seems like as good of a day as any to celebrate an amazing miracle.  Sermon over 🙂

reason for the season

4.  With so much negativity in the world its nice to have a brief escape from that when people try a little harder to be nice.  Things feel a little more optimistic and filled with hope.  That may just be me projecting, but I want to believe its true.

christmas spirit

5.  A tradition we have in my family is to read the story behind certain holiday rituals.  Years past we have talked about the Christmas tree, exchanging gifts, and christmas lights.  I dont know what we will talk about this year but its always fun to get the reason behind why rather than just doing something to do it.  If you want to read about why we have Christmas trees check out this article by the history channel.

6.  I really enjoy the gift giving part of Christmas.  I take a lot of pride in finding the perfect gift for someone and seeing their face when the open it.  I kept myself to a pretty tight budget this season to keep myself from going overboard, but cant wait to see what everyone things of the gifts.  I always feel awkward opening mine but get really excited for others to open their gifts.  This picture is from a few years ago, but come on!  My grandma makes the best happy faces!

gift happiness

7.  Another tradition I really enjoy is looking at Christmas lights.  Of course Osborne lights is my all time favorite but since its going away I have to find new favorites.  When I went to Boston all alot of the city was decorated which was awesome, Italy had lights up way past December (La Befana story kinda explains why), but I think the happiest lights are the ones we put up on our house.  These lights were last year but we change them up every year.  We used to go ohhh and ahhhh at all the lights around the neighborhoods when I was a kid and that amazement has stuck with me.  Lucky for me Joe enjoys lights too!

christmas lights

8.  The creative side of me comes out in full force at Christmas time.  I love making homemade things to go with the store bought gifts.  This year what I made is a surprise so Im not going to spoil it but last year I made homemade vanilla extract.  It take a little time but its the homemade touch that makes it truly special.  I usually make ornaments as well, but since Im really the only one in the family to go all out with the christmas decorations I didnt do them this year.  This ornament I made 2 years ago.

9.  What are your christmas traditions?


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