Workout Recap 12/22-28

Its almost 2016 friends, are you ready?!?  Im gearing up for back to back half marathons to ring in the new year what are you doing?

Its been a weird training week with more runs than I normally do, lets talk about it 😀

Tuesday: 45 minute recovery run at a really slow pace which turned out to be 12:30min/mile pace.  Goal was 11:30 but I was really exhausted and was happy to just get up and out of bed.  Ugh I cannot WAIT to sleep in this weekend and really rest.  PS—this heat in winter is STUPID.  Why am I wearing shorts a few days before Christmas.  That night 15 minute stretch and foam roll.

Wednesday:  30 minute core class with more emphasis on lower abs.  Feeling a little stronger than I used to with core so yay!!!  10 minutes stretching and foam rolling that night.

Thursday:  45 minute run with 8×60 second repeats at a little faster than 5k pace.  I ran in my new Hokas to get used to them which made my feet a little stiff and my legs felt heavy from just being exhausted.  It was pretty hot today (like over 80 degrees) so breathing was harder than normal.  Ended with 4 miles in 41:39 at 10:20 pace which I was really happy with.  This was the first time doing repeats for so long.  The 7th one was really rough and I stopped for a minute to catch my breath (seriosuly yall it was so hot) and finished strong.  Great way to prep for all the Christmas eating that was going to happen 🙂  Did a DIY tape job on my foot since it started hurting a little again.  I look super fancy right.

Friday:  Off and Merry Christmas!!!  PS—Its been a year since I got my camera and I finally figured out how to get the amazing glow of Christmas lights.  Que the angels singing.


Saturday: 1hr 45min run at easy pace.  Foot started hurting around mile 5 and had to walk a little and stop a few times to rest the foot.  I was running in my new shoes again so that may have added to the issue.  I got lost a little as well since my running buddy split off before the nature trail (I’ve only run in there twice before so I dont know my way) which slowed me down trying to figure my way back.  I found my way and ran past the dragon.  Since no one was with me this time I felt no shame in taking a selfie 🙂 Ended with 8.35 miles with 12:20min mile.  This was supposed to be an easy run but at an 11:30 pace.  With all this crap plus the heat and humidity Im glad with how this run went.  Granted I would have liked to have a better pace but when the temps get over 75 its hard to get a faster pace out of me.  10 minutes stretching and foam rolling that night.

Sunday:  Original plan was 3 miles but I got rained out.  When I started it was sprinkling which is ok but about the half way point it was pouring and starting to thunder.  I was at a point where it was either turn back or keep going and possibly get stranded if lightning came.  I decided to turn around since I was with the pups and they didnt look happy about the rain either.  Ended with 1.75 miles at 12 ish pace.  This was supposed to be a recovery slow run anyway so no worries with the slow pace.  I was sad to end the run early but happy for the rain that means the cold weather is coming back.  10 minutes stretching, foam rolling, back stretches that night.

Monday:  3 running days in a row!  Sheesh!  All the rest I got this weekend really paid off.  3.25 miles at 10:30 pace yay!  A lot cooler today than the rest of the runs this week but there was a pretty strong headwind for most of the run.  Overall this was a much better run than the previous 2 and had a pretty solid time.  I was going to go to core class as well today but I ended up having a meeting at work and lunch bought for us (Salata for the win).  I was a bad person and didnt stretch or foam roll tonight either.  I really just wanted to be a vegetable when i got home so thats what I did.

For those of you counting thats 5 runs in 1 week!!!  Thats 2 more than what I used to do and 1 more than what I normally do now with the coach.  No wonder I didnt move from the couch save to do said runs and eat / restroom breaks.

CHIME IN!!!  How are your workouts going?  Ever been so exhausted you sleep all day and can still sleep that night?  Do you run in the rain?

2 thoughts on “Workout Recap 12/22-28

  1. Wow! Sounds like you’ve had a busy week! 🙂 I’ve never been so tired that I slept all day and night, but I do run i the rain! I love it! Hahaha I always feel like a total badass running in the rain.


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