WIWW #22

We had fajitas bought for us at lunch today.  They were delicious but I am now sleepy from all the queso and carbs.  It was queso blanco which is divine and I was lucky to not have eaten the whole container myself.  Alas now I need a food coma but cant because work 😛

Disclaimer on this post though…my outfit is from Monday.  I know, IM LIVING A LIE!!!  Im traveling today to Allen for my races and, well, my travel style is boring.  I debated whether or not to post my travel outfit but ultimately decided I didnt have enough time to put together a last minute post.  So Im writing a Wednesday post on Tuesday with Monday’s outfit.  I live life on the edge!

I am wearing a lot of new things with this outfit 🙂  The sweater is a gift from my mom, the shoes are a gift from Joe, and although you cant see it I got the Jawbone UP 3 for Christmas as well!  I think I might put together a post on the Jawbone Up 3 vs. the FitBit but I need some more time with the Jawbone to make a post on it.

christmas sweater

See, I got the sweater for Christmas 😀  I really hate to admit this but it took FOREVER to get my outfit picture.  Getting the right camera height and lighting and all that…I should have just pulled out my big girl camera set it up on the tripod and been done with it because this picture didnt even turn out that well.  One day I will be the master of all things blog related, but today is not that day.


Sweater: ModCloth (Its on sale right now plus ModCloth has a sale on sale items what!!!  Code L8R2015)

Jeans: Express (similar, I hate mid rise but thats pretty much all thats out right now)

Shoes: Tieks (yes I am still loving mine and am so happy to have a neutral color to add to my collection)

WHISP!  She is an accessory to all my clothes because dang my dogs shed!  Most of the time I wear dark clothes are her fur blends in but you cant really cover up the whole dog haha.

CHIME IN!!!  Did your wardrobe grow this Christmas?  Do you like cute sweaters?  Eat some good tex-mex lately?


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  1. Love the new sweater! I got some new clothing items for Christmas as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. whostardis says:

      Thanks! Free cute clothes are the best right!


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