Workout Recap 12/28-1/4

I definitely ended 2015 and started 2016 with a bang!  Lots of workouts, lots of steps logged.  My Jawbone is totally confused and now thinks thats the normal for me…Ill show it lol.

Tuesday:  Much needed rest day.  With back to back races coming up very soon I need to save my strength.  15 minutes foam rolling, stretching and back stretches.  Whisp is great at back stretches.

Wednesday:  1.75 mile run with 4×30 second pickups at 10k race pace.  Finished with 10:50 pace.  Nice shake out for the legs before race day and long day of driving in the car.  10 minutes stretching, foam rolling that night.

Thursday (New Years Eve):  First half marathon!  You can read the recap here.  It was a great way to end 2015 on a great race.  This race went well, a little nervous about how my body will feel tomorrow.  Took 2 alieve at lunch and 15 minutes foam rolling, stretching that night.


Friday (New Years Day):  Second half marathon!  Read the recap here.  Ankles and back of knees were a little stiff that morning but after the first few miles that shook out.  It was another great race day and Im very happy with the time.  Took 2 alieve at brunch and 15 minutes foam rolling, stretching that night when we got home.  After another long drive in the car the stretching was a must.


Saturday:  Rest day, much needed.  Slept in, sat around watching movies and just in general relaxed the body.  After the holidays then the races there was almost nothing left in the tank.  It felt great to be able to get some much needed rest.  20 minutes stretching, foam rolling and back stretches that night.  Body pretty stiff today so the stretching really helped.  Took 2 alieve that night to help with the stiffness.  My rest days include hot chocolate, Im not sorry about that 😉

Sunday:  Less sore than yesterday so took a nice 30 minute walk (ok so we were shopping but still).  We had friends over for game night so I missed out on stretching.

Puppy needs a rest day too

Monday:  30 minute run (with the new lace pattern!!!) at 12 min pace for 2.75 miles.  Felt good to get out and run in the cold weather.  I really enjoy these very cold (for Texas) temps.  I feel like I run so much better when its cold.  That afternoon was 30 minutes Core class with a little too much leg work, pretty sure Im going to pay for that tomorrow.  10 minutes stretch and foam rolling that night.


CHIME IN!!!  Did you get some good workouts in this week?  Are you pretty good about balancing rest days and workout days?  Eat anything good lately?

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