2016 Goals

I know its a week into January already but I had other things I wanted to post about so this had to wait.  I have never publicly had goals for a New Year but I think this year might be a good time to do that.  I know you have been bombarded with new years posts, but I thank you for indulging me.

Linking up with Amanda here since my goals are also my thoughts this week!


  1.  Im just going to put it out there…I was to lost those last 10 pounds I have been hanging on to for no good reason.  With the holidays and general stress getting ride of that weight has gone by the way-side.  I need to hunker down, get serious and tone it up

weight-loss-doubt-it_o_4969012.  I have my eye set on a sub 2 hour half marathon.  Im pretty sure thats possible in February and if it is, I might readjust that goal to be a sub 1:50…but lets start with a sub 2 hour since thats still 30 minutes faster than my last PR

half maraton meme3.  Continue working on my photography.  I dont want to be a professional or anything, but seeing as we are going to Paris this year I want to take beautiful photos that we can frame and look back on with fond memories.  Im much better than I was in 2014 but this is something I can definitely work on.  The below is a picture I took with my professional camera but did use SnapSeed to add a few filters.

20151115_162635-014.  Be more social.  I hate to admit this but I like to stay home and veg more than I like to go out.  Luckily I finally have a great group of friends that enjoy a lot of the same things I do.  2016 I want to continue to make an effort to be with them more.

HP Party group pic5.  If I was going to pick a word for 2016 like Ive seen a few others do I think my word would be positive.  Sometimes, lets get real, its tough to stay positive and upbeat.  My goal for 2016 is to try and shut out the negative and focus on the positive, even if that positive is buried down deep…its there you just have to work for it!  See…positive

positive6.  I would say drink less alcohol/sugar drinks but I drink almost only water mixed in with a little hot tea when its cold.  Instead Im going to work on removing added sugars.  I cant quit fruit Im not even going to try, but fake sugar and sweets they need to be severely limited.  I WAY back-slid with the holidays and need to tighten that mess UP.  My stomach fat is proof of that.  It will be hard but it needs to be done.

gingerbread horse(You mean I cant eat this whole thing!)

7.  Keep getting better about budgeting.  2015 we started a montly budget, and we have the monthly expenses part down…its the unexpected stuff that we need to keep working on.  Budgeting is hard yall, anyone who says otherwise…is an accountant.

budget meme

8.  I have been thinking about another goal but I feel that if its not springing to mind then dont force it, plus 7 is a powerful number 🙂  So let’s turn this around, what are you goals (if you are into that kind of thing) for 2016?!


7 thoughts on “2016 Goals

  1. Joey and I are doing whole 30, I have / hopefully future HAD a sugar addiction and whole 30 has helped me recognize that and battle it. ALSO- I would love to hang out with you more!!


  2. Loved the post, you have some great goals! I havent quite established all of mine yet.. (is it too late? :D) but I definitely have some similar ones.. And you can totally get that sub 1:50 half marathon! 🙂

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  3. These are great goals to have! Which half marathon will you run? Being positive is the best thing but for sure a hard one some days…especially if you work with the public. 😉 have a super weekend!


    1. Im going the Gasparilla Half in Tampa next month and Disneyland Paris in September. so true working with the public makes it a little more difficult to be positive or patient for that matter!


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