Brooks Launch 2 Review

I am finally ready to do a review on the Brooks Launch 2’s I got back in October.  I know, slacker right!  I got fitted for these shoes at Fit2Run at Disney Springs in Orlando.  I like this store, the staff are very helpful and overall they do a good job fitting shoes.

There were a few reasons I wanted to get another pair of running shoes.  Number 1, at the time I only had 1 pair of shoes and was not rotating.  I want more life out of my shoes, so adding another pair will do that.  Number 2, the Clifton 2’s were giving me serious blisters.  I didnt want to stop using them for long distance because they are really great for my knees but I dont want to wear them all the time.  Number 3 I wanted to try something new.


With all those reasons in mind I talked with the guy helping me with shoes, told him the issues with past shoes, issues with the clifton’s being too narrow (review of those here) and we eventually landed on the Brooks Launch 2 (a new version just came out so the 2’s are on sale).  I tried on a few different pairs but these felt the best on my feet and jogging around the store.  He also said the Launch 2’s were good for faster work (so track and speed work) and then he showed me the color options.  Once I saw they came in rainbow I was sold (in addition to them feeling good on my feet, because thats priority #1).


I use the Launch 2’s on 6 mile or less runs and true to his word these are for fast work.  I used my cliftons for intervals but the launch just make me feel like Im going faster.  The only issue I have with the launch is there isnt much cushion…but going from a Hoka to any other shoe its all relative since Hokas have maximum cushion.  The below is a silly picture, but you can kinda see the bulk of the Hokas (those are the Bondi 4’s) to compare with the picture just above.


I do like the Brooks Launch 2 much more than the Mizuno Wave Rider 18, they feel more flexible, lighter, and, I know this is silly, but quieter.  I dont like to hear the sound of my footfalls over my music.  Its weird I know but there you have it.  The dogs are trying to trip me but you can see the shoes in action!


I have logged at least 50 miles on these shoes and are still enjoying them.  I really dont plan on trying them out for long distances anytime because quite honestly I dont feel they are the right kind of shoe for me for long distances and thats ok.  I like how they preformed for me at the Avengers 10K more than the Clifton’s on similar distances.  I also actually like switching out my shoes.  FueledByLOLZ recently did a great post on why you should rotate your running shoes which is a great read.  With the little experimentation I have done with rotating shoes I have to agree its good for the legs to change it up since not every shoe is the made the same.

avengers 10k

I have tried quite a few brands at this point in my running life (Nike, Adidas, Mizuno, New Balance, Hoka, and now Brooks) and can say one thing with certainty…the shoe you like today may not be the shoe you like a couple months from now.  Right now, the Brooks Launch 2 is a great short/middle distance shoe for me at this point in my running life.  I enjoy how they make my feet feel and they meet all my other silly shoe criteria.  Plus they are rainbow, how could you hate on rainbow!

avengers 10k 2

Im sure there is a lot of technical things I could say about this shoe, like drop and cushion and all that but I dont know enough about those terms to intellengently write about it.  Lets just say they have enough cushion for my taste on shorter runs.  The Launch 2’s are flexible, quiet and light which are all important qualities for me.  Overall I am really enjoying this shoe and am happy with the change.

***I was in no way compensated for this review.  I bought these shoes with my hard earned money.  Any links to sites here are for your reference and dont personally benefit me in any way.***I am not a professional shoe fitter so this review is solely based on my feet and how they work for me.  What works for me may not work for you.  Its highly recommended to get your running shoes fitted for your style of running.

CHIME IN!!!  What is your current running shoe?  Do you use a shoe rotation?  Would you pick a shoe because of its color?

7 thoughts on “Brooks Launch 2 Review

  1. I feel so honored for you linking to LOLZ, thank you.

    I’m glad you are loving the Launch. I really like that color combination too. BTW, the new launch 3s came out and they look pretty awesome too.


  2. I currently run in Asics Gel Kayano. I have always been an Asics girl but recently switched models. I do not have a shoe rotation but I am learning that I probably should… What happened to “running is cheaper than therapy”? LOL.


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