Workout Recap 1/5-1/11

Getting back in the saddle after races and holiday was a little rough but I have a race in February to keep me on track with running at least.  Eye on the prize.  Lets see how it went this week!

Tuesday:  OMG so sore from yesterday’s core class.  The normal teacher was out and the sub we had does the cross-fit-esk class I used to take.  I have not done that many squats in so long…which in itself is sad because we really didnt even do that many lol.  WIth all that being said…my legs were not happy.  Luckily the muscles that were sore werent big muscles I use to run.  Did 3.75 miles in 35 minutes with 11.43 average pace.  Heavy legs but was happy with the time was able to get the goal today without feeling like I was pushing myself (which was the instruction).  Dog pile while stretching after is always a bonus.  15 minutes of stretching and foam rolling that night which was SO PAINFUL…ugh.

Wednesday:  I had a lunch meeting so I didnt go to core class, so today ended up being a rest day.  Which is fine because everything still hurts from Monday.

Thursday:  50 minute run with 8×30 second pick-ups.  Slept in a little today so I did this on the treadmill before lunch.  15 minute warmup at 5.2 pace, pickups were 5 @ 9 pace and 3 @ 8.5 pace with 90 second cool downs in between.  15 minute cool down at 5.2 pace extra 7 minute cool down at 5.0 then 4.7 pace.  The last 2 pick ups were pretty hard but thats the point, these were to be at very hard effort and thats exactly what it felt like.  Ended with 4.45 miles (.05 short of the goal but I was getting really warm and needed to cool down a little sooner).  10 minutes stretching and foam rolling that night.

Friday: rest day yay!

Saturday:  6.25 mile run ended with 11:36 mile pace.  Went a little faster than the guide but I felt pretty good and didnt feel like I was pushing the pace except for when there were a few hills.  Had to stop around mile 4 for a restroom break (boo).  Later that morning had a much needed 90 minute massage that was heaven.

Sunday:  3.75 mile run with 6×30 second pick-ups at very fast, hard pace.  Last 2 were slower than the first 4 but still felt like I gave it a solid effort.  2:30 rest between each set.  I was feeling under the weather this morning but still felt like the run went well as a whole.  Ended with a 11:23 pace (slow downs were to be at a very slow pace to get heartrate back down).  10 minutes foam rolling, stretching, back yoga that night.

Monday:  30 minute core class.  My left quad was pretty tight and sore for some reason which made a lot of the exercises difficult today.  I took those a little easier since Im about to have 4 running days in a row.  My core felt good though, nice and strong.  1 more month with this class, gotta get my 6 pack 🙂  10 minutes foam rolling, stretching, back yoga that night.  Apparently I made a psychotic face and didnt realize it…trying to look happy after core lol.

CHIME IN!!!  How did your workouts go this past week?  Seen any good sunrises/sets lately?


4 thoughts on “Workout Recap 1/5-1/11

  1. Core is something I lack doing do every time I do do core, I’m just sore. I really need to get back into it! It sounds like you had an awesome and productive training week, congrats!


  2. So it looks like your dogs like to bother you while you’re stretching too! Haha I can never get stretching done with out being covered in doggy kisses! 😂


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