Grinch Party Details

December got away from me…trips and races and family time…the month just got away from me.  This party was almost a month ago but it was too cute to not share the details from.  Pin it for next year because if you havent been to a Grinch party you are seriously missing out!

First…the invite!  I made this template and used a blank evite through  I dont even want to tell you how long it took me to make this, but feel free to borrow it I dont mind.grint invite 1

After the invite I made water bottle labels, because they are cute and more fun than boring water bottle labels.  These…also not going to tell you how long they took me to make 😉

grinch water bottle labels

Now that the invites are sent, the water bottles ready its time to decorate!


For the dining room I wanted to hang streamers that looked like a circus tent.  I think Joe did an excellent job and executed my vision nicely.  It really added some nice depth to the room.


Our lights this year were Grinch themed.  Joe made the cut-outs and yes I did drag down our winner sign and put it up.  No shame.


Caitlin made these cute signs for the party…just in case you forgot where you were going or the real meaning of Christmas 🙂  Decorations are up, time to get the food out and ready.


I decided I wanted to do a hot chocolate bar with a crock pot hot chocolate recipe (I used this one).  It was so rich and delicious.  I couldnt find all the toppings I wanted but what I did have was:

  • marshmallows
  • Redi-Whip (I could have made my own whipped cream but I thought this would hold up better in the hot chocolate)
  • Dove Peppermint bark
  • White chocolate syrup
  • Caramel Syrup
  • Salted Caramel flavoring
  • peppermint flavoring
  • Horchata
  • Bailey’s Vanilla Cinnamon
  • Classic Bailey’s
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg

I know it totally wasnt enough 😉  Other drinks we had were coke zero, hot apple cider with fireball (the most popular, thanks Lauren!) and jello shots (thanks Caitlin).


Since it wasnt a huge party like Harry Potter we kept it simple with desserts.  I made grinch cookies and Caitlin made grinch santa hat fruit kabobs.  For dinner we had Roast Beast (Lauren’s), Who Hash, Pumpkin Rolls, Pasta Salad (Lauren), Brussel Sprouts (Caitlin) and Green Beans (Caitlin).  We all loved the Roast Beast and Brussel Sprouts, there were almost none left of both!!  You can see a little of the food in the background.


Dont think we forgot about games!  We played corn-hole Grinch edition (get the heart in the Grinch)…

grinch party

Un-decorate the tree (Im a terrible person and forgot to take a picture of the madness, it was fun!!  Those 2 little trees on either side of the fireplace were the targets) and a costume contest.  When we party, we party for KEEPS!  At the end of the night we played cards against humanity and it was HILARIOUS.


Trying to make my best grinch face.  Everyone dressed up, and blame it on the jello shots I didnt get a picture of everyone together.  I dont know if everyone would want their beutiful Who-attire on my blog either, so you just get to see my awesome outfit…


Although its a must to show you Caitlin’s hair because she did the whole cup in the hair thing and it worked great!


We even did a Green elephant gift exchange (get it…green…cause the Grinch)!  The thought was to read “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and switch gifts to your right whenever I said the word “Grinch” and to the left when I said “Who”.  The book was much longer than expected so they stopped exchanging gifts in the middle section and began again closer to the end…this page Im at above in fact.  Funny enough…everyone ended with their own gift and we had to do the classic white elephant swap.  Oh well, it was fun reading the book!


I dont know why but I love reading Dr. Suess books.  I used to read them to my cousin when he was younger and they are just so fun.  Also, a great message in this book if you pay attention 😉  Caitlin and I also made Grinch ornaments in November for everyone to take home.  They are super easy to make but thats probably a different post for a different day.

Next year…well this year…we are going to do a different theme but Grinch was really fun!  I think its a lot to do with the company too.  We all really enjoy hanging out with each other and have fun no matter what we are doing!

costume contest

Really quick…in case you are dying to know…everything I wore for my costume I had on hand except for the green tights (found here).  The shirt is Joe’s (but its from Target a long time ago), the green boa is leftover from the Grinch ornaments we made, the tutu with lights was from a race, and the santa socks my Grandma made a long time ago

CHIME IN!!!  Have you done a Grinch party before?  Do you like theme parties?


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