Workout Recap 1/12-18

Hello from jolly ‘ol England!  Thats right, this post is coming to you from across the pond.  We are visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter today and I am STOKED!  Let’s talk about workouts shall we.  It was interesting to say the least.

Tuesday:  3.8 mile easy run ended with 11:39 pace.  I did not want to run today, Im still feeling sick and its cold out.  Normally I love running in the cold but I didnt wear my gloves this morning (rookie mistake) and my hand were so cold by the end of the run I could barely unlock my front door.  You know when your hands get so cold they just dont want to move, yeah thats where I was this morning.  I was also too cold to take a picture because apparently my brain could only think of getting in the hot shower…so here is a picture of the puppies instread.  Enjoy 🙂 10 minutes stretching, foam rolling that night.

Wednesday:  Hill workout today!  Im still feeling icky and taking some cold meds so I took the speed down a little.  Had the treadmill at 5 for 10 minutes at a 1 incline.  Then moved it up to 5 for 2 minutes then 2 minutes rest at 1 incline.  Did 5 1/2 of those then cooled down at 5 for 7 minutes then gradually reduced speed for another 3 minutes.  I was going to do the full 6 but my heartrate was above 185 and I didnt think that was too healthy so I cooled down a little early.  The goal today was 50 minutes but Im happy with the 40 minutes the way I was feeling today.  The hills were still really challenging even at a 5 speed.  I would have liked to do done a 5.2 speed but my body wasnt feeling it today.  Watching Guardians of the Galaxy though while working out is always helpful 🙂  Dont mind the super slow speed I was trying to slow walk and take a pic at the same time…obviously I still need to work on this!  10 minutes stretching foam rolling that night.

Thursday: 3.5 mile easy run this morning ended with a 12:07 pace.  I am still feeling under the weather and…TMI had some “drainage” issues this morning.  Boo.  Its ok though I got out there, hit the distance I was going for and felt pretty good all things considering.  This is day 3 of 4 running in a row.  Tomorrow will set a record for me for days running in a row. Also Im back in my compression socks for a while since my calves are getting a little tight and not feeling the best.  I have been a bad runner and not wearing them like I should but Im fixing that now!  10 minutes stretching, foam rolling that night.

Friday:  Had to get my long run in before the long plane ride!  To be quite honest that is the only reason I actually finished.  Being sick has taken its toll on me (dont worry its just bacterial, nothing serious) and today was rough but on the bright side I was able to get the distance and pace almost spot on to what was scheduled.  7.5 miles for an average pace of 11:50 (goal was 12 pace).  Honestly it was hard to keep the slower pace.  I would start out slower than my mind would wander and my feet would almost automatically speed up.  I would have finished even faster but I walked a few times because I needed it, and I was trying really hard to hit that pace my coach set.  Long detox bath and 10 minutes of stretching before leaving for the airport.  London here we come!!!  Hopefully the early morning and long run will help me sleep on the plane.

Saturday:  Rest day, although we walked around London a lot there wasnt really resting per-say, just no running.

Sunday: supposed to run 4 easy miles but I was exhausted so I opted to sleep more instead. We did walk almost 10 miles today though!
Monday: ran 4 miles with average pace of 11:13. It was cold out but not as cold as I thought. My legs were so heavy because of all the traveling and walking. I didn’t have space for my foam roller so no really good stretching 😦 it was a little scary running in the black pre dawn hours in a city I don’t know but I did it anyway! And I found some cool things along the way!
CHIME IN!!! Do you travel with a foam roller? How does your body react to travel? How was your weekend?


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