Thinking Out Loud #18

Sometimes I feel like I know everything there is to know about running, and then I get a knowledge bomb dropped on me and I am put in check.  2015 was the year of learning for me and I suspect 2016 will be the same.  I want to share some of the knowledge bombs with you, if you already know all of this…WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME SOONER 🙂  Let’s do this thinking out loud style

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  1.  Shoes matter.  I had been running for years before actually getting fitted for shoes that fit me.  It makes a difference.  There are so many posts about it but sometimes until you hear this from a friend or trusted source you just dont believe it.  Let me echo that just in case my voice is the one to convince you.  Get yourself fitted for some shoes!!!

DM0Ux3vvSnPaNqGVJfgmJ7z60dMxLStQNKCYbfQdMACT=w411-h730-no2.  How you lace up your shoes matter.  I have gone through so many pairs of shoes and am now wondering how many of them could have been saved by changing the way I lace them.  Here is the link I used to figure it out, but trust me, lacing your shoes up the normal way is not always the way to go.

20160104_0535333.  Compression technology is your friend.  There are a few brands out there but I love CW-X tights and shorts.  I have 4 pairs now and love them!  They are really tight but have helped my hip issues tremendously.  It also helps stop things from shaking…ladies you know exactly what Im talking about.  Another reason I love CW-X in particular is because of the cool colors they come in, I feel super fancy when I wear the tights for sure.

20160101_0834274.  Properly fueling.  I used to just run and not eat before or soon after.  I woulnt take in additional fuel on a long run and hydration was sometimes iffy (except during the summer, my hydration is on point).  Now I can tell the difference in my running if I dont eat properly.  The night before a  long run is carbs, usually pizza.  Morning of the long run is a quest protein bar.  During the run (if 8 or more miles) is a GU right now but Im still working on this.  After the run I try and get some solid protein, usually a breakfast sandwich or some form of egg.  For a lot of people I think running is about losing weight so we forget to refuel.  Just remember, its ok to eat if you are eating smart 🙂  Like egg whites instead of waffles with whipped cream.

hydration5.  Running with someone is usually better than running alone.  For the longest time I was afraid to join a running club.  I felt like I would be the slowest person and feel stupid.  Luckily I found a great group that has a wide range of speeds and I usually have someone to run at least half the distance with me.  While the group is older and probably arent going to be my best friends in the whole world, its nice to get up early on a Saturday morning and run with some friendly faces.  Knowing that they will ask where I have been if I miss a run is also motivation to get out there, no one likes being called out!

running-meme-16.  Get a visor.  I run in the mornings and usually when its dark so I wouldnt run with anything to shield the rays.  Well when you are on a long run…the sun eventually comes up and then those UV rays will get you!  Avoid messing up your eyes and at the very least get a visor.  I say visor because when your head gets hot a baseball hat can trap the heat in and make you even warmer.  A visor is open on the top so you get the shield from the sun but the head heat escapes!  I run now with a visor and sunglasses because I dont want to be all squinty, but yes, get something to shield your eyes from the sun.

20150905_0854117.  Not all socks are created equal.  Again, there are tons of brands and types of socks in the market and what works for me might not work for you.  Experiment with your socks too.  I use the C9 brand from Target and double sock it on anything over 6 miles.  As a runner our feet are very important, so dont forget about the socks they are almost as important as the shoes.

20151009_2215258.  Charity Miles app is a fantastic app that raises money for charity through miles you run.  Get it now…and if you are a harry potter fan join the Hogwarts Running club and help us do #SoMuchGood.  They have a group on the charity miles app and also a facebook group that is very encouraging!!  Below is my profile, Im in Ravenclaw, obviously.  I thought it showed how much money you have helped raise as well but I guess not.

charity miles

9.  What have you learned through running?  Share!


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  1. Shoes matter! YES! I’m currently dealing with some foot issues because I neglected getting new shoes when I needed them. It’s crazy how big of a difference all those little details make, including socks and compression clothing. And I think the best thing I learned through running was that I can do all sorts of difficult things if I set my mind on them 😀

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    1. whostardis says:

      I love that, do anything if I set my mind to it. You are so right!


  2. These are great running tips! Compression wear changed my life. Great insight about joining a running club. I’m a back of the pack marathoner so I get nervous about running with others, but I really want to try it out.

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    1. whostardis says:

      You should! Not all groups are friendly, but I’ve found there are usually a few groups in a city you are bound to find your perfect fit!

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  3. Shoes do matter! You can’t just run in any shoe. God made all of our feet different… 🙂 I think I’ve learned from running that my body is limited and that it is a temple to be taken care of.

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    1. whostardis says:

      Very true…as I sit here eating bad food I shouldn’t be eating. I must have needed that reminder today 😉


  4. I had this great pair of Asics once that didn’t lace straight up. It followed the natural curve of my foot so that my high arches had a tighter lace than other areas of my foot. It was amazing! I haven’t found a shoe since that does the same thing, but I do love getting fitted for new shoes!

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