Foodie Friday #21 Brunch Review

In case you didnt already know, I love brunch.  Its the best meal of the weekend and never ceases to make me happy.  Yes I have had a bad eggs benedict or two in my day, but overall, there is little food wise that makes me happier than brunch.

In today’s food review I want to share with you a little more about the brunch we had New Year’s Day because it was DELICIOUS!  We went to Bread Winners in Plano (there are a few locations).  Check out their site and drool over the menu.  I didnt take a lot of pictures because I was so hungry, sorry 😦  I just ran a half marathon for the second day in a row!  It was time to EAT!

im hungry

Ambiance:  First the place was PACKED but it was New Year’s Day and it was 12:30pm, prime brunch time.  The restaurant felt like a fancy bakery, I wasnt impressed with the decor but it was much nicer than, say, IHop.  We were seated at a standard wood table and chairs close to the door.  They had a full service bar on one side of the room and a full service bakery with some beautiful baked good on the other side.  There was also a patio area that was covered and had heat lamps.


Service:  Our waitress was so nice.  She gave us great recommendations and checked on us just enough for us to enjoy our food but also feel like she was watching out for us.  In the past when we had decent service the food is terrible, but the stars aligned today and we had great service with exceptional food.

bloody mary

Eats/Drinks:  To start I had a mimosa and Joe had the spicy bloody mary.  The mimosa came with 1/2 a wine glass of orange juice and a mum split.  The split was poured into the glass right at the table and was the perfect amount of champagne to orange juice.  I was feeling fine.  The spicy bloody mary was not very spicy and a little watered down, but it seems like everyone was ordering it because Joe had to wait 5 minutes for his drink as they ran out of the mix.  This also tells me they dont make the mix themselves which tends to be not as great of a bloody mary.  Joe was happy with it though so thats what matters.  Before our meal came out our server brought fresh bread to the table.  Pastry bread, 3 different types.  Im not sure what exactly they were but 1 tasted like spice cake, another had raspberries in it and I didnt try the last one I was saving room for my waffle.  The bread was rich, delicious and an overall nice touch.  For our meal I ordered the Belgium Waffle with strawberries and whipped cream and a side of maple crispy pork belly.  Joe ordered the Chicken and Waffles.  The food came out nice and hot, I didnt snap a picture with the beautiful presentation but did get one before we dug in thank goodness.  My waffle was perfectly fluffy, the whipped cream made fresh and very light, and the strawberries delicious.  I didnt use the syrup because for me the whipped cream was enough.  I wish I could say I didnt eat the whole thing but that would be a lie.  You cant see it here but the crispy pork belly was divine.  Cooked perfectly, flavorful and not greasy I shared a little with Joe but could have eaten all 4 perfectly sliced pieces myself.  Joe’s chicken and waffles were AMAZING.  Im a little sad I didnt order this but loved my waffle enough to get over it.  The waffle itself was cheddar bacon jalapeno, the chicken was seasoned and cooked just right, the sauce a great compliment and the syrup just pushed it over the edge of amazingness.  I was a little worried this would be spicy with the jalapeno in the gravy and the waffle but I had 2 BITES and my mouth wasnt on fire after!  PS—2 bites is a lot since I ate all my other food too.  Joe loved his dish too.  There were no food survivors for either of us.  We could have ordered dessert but I was totally full and happy.


Overall:  I really enjoyed myself and am happy and sad there isnt a Bread Winners in Houston.  Our bill was about $45 for everything we ate and to me that seems just about right.  The drinks were a little pricey but the food was at a good price point.  I would highly recommend checking this place out if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth/Plano area because for real, I had THE HARDEST time figuring out what I wanted to order there were so many great options.  Biscuits and Gravy, Pulled Pork Benedict, Chicken and Waffles, ugh it was so hard!  If you go tell me all about what you got!!

CHIME IN!!!  Do you like brunch?  What is your go-to brunch food?  Savory or sweet waffles?


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