Races on Tap

Happy Monday everyone!  We are almost done with the first month of the new year!  How did this happen?!  Before any more of the year flys by I wanted to share my official race plans with you.  Shout out if you will be there too!!!!

This year I have drastically trimmed down the number of races Im participating in (last year’s grand total was 8, yikes!).  Last year, admittedly, was probably too much for my body.  My doctor also says what I did in 2015 was too much.  This year Im focusing on quality rather than quantity.  I want to get some great race times and really hone my running skills.  Injured and slow, I have come a LONG way from the Frozen 5k back in February.  Arent we cute as Daisy and Donald though 🙂

frozen 5k

Here is what I am doing for 2016.  I may add one or two more 10k’s or 5k’s but no extra half marathons.

January:  New Years Double.  This was a super fun, relaxed race that I truly enjoyed.  Recap here in case you missed it.  The bling was totally worth it and made me realize some things about my running career that I hope to share later in the year.


February:  Gasparilla Half Marathon.  This race is in Tampa.  My good friend lives there and we are running it together!!!  Its also pirate themed which is AWESOME.  Im a little disappointed Im missing the pirate weekend (its the weekend before, big party, pirate ship, the works) but the race will be just as fun.  I already have my pirate skirt and everything (this one)!

gasparilla half

April:  Bluebell 10k.  This is a semi-local race (its an hour away from me) where at the finish line you get all you can eat BlueBell!!!!!  I love Bluebell its the ice cream I grew up on.  Im semi-lactose intolerant so I wont be eating all the things, but its still cool to get a medal and ice cream at a race finish.  There are kids races and a 5k, but I decided to do the 10k.  I like the distance 🙂

bluebell fun run

September:  Disneyland Paris Half Marathon.  Thats right Disneyland PARIS!!!  Im so sorry for mentioning Paris a million times on the blog, Im just ridiculously excited.  When this race was announced at the 2015 Princess Half Marathon I lost my mind.  Its 2 weeks before my 30th birthday and we were already planning an international trip for that.  What a great way to end my 20’s.  Im really excited about this race even though the registration process was a nightmare (hello 3am wakeup call to book 9am Paris time).  I cant wait to share all the memories from that race with you.


November:  Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Challenge.  I did these races (10k and half marathon for the challenge) in 2015 (half marathon recap here, 10k here) and LOVED it.  It was the most laid back Disney race I have done to date and cant wait to do it again.  Plus our friends from Australia will be there at the same time so it will be nice to see them again.  This race will also get me the Castle to Chateau Challenge medal.   The medal is new for 2016 this is the first year a race has been international so giving a Coast to Coast medal just wouldnt be the same. Its also called Castle to Chateau because the Disneyland Paris Castle is a REAL castle, not fiberglass like the ones in the states (why, because Paris is full of REAL castles, no one wants a poser).  The medal has not yet been revealed but I know it will be awesome (so this may be the main reason for this race but whatever dont judge me).

partner statue

You may have noticed there are no races between April and September.  For good reason, I live in Houston and its STUPID hot and nasty.  I tried a 10k in early June and wanted to die it was so miserable.  Ive decided to not have an official race on the books during this time for my sanity.  I know now I will never be one of those people running those “devil runs”, its not my bag…AT ALL.  Below is a picture from that 10k and it took me over 2 hours to cool down.  Ridiculous.

jog the journey 10k

Thats it, 6 races.  2 less than last year but thats still 2 less!

CHIME IN!!!  What’s on your race calendar this year?  Do you love running in the summer?  What are you looking forward to this year?


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