Workout recap 1/19-25

Let me start by saying working out while on an international vacation is difficult at best. Most hotels don’t even have a gym let alone access to one. There isn’t always a safe place to run outside or even room in your tiny closet of a hotel room to do any kind of workout.

I was lucky enough that two hotels I was out of the three were in an area where I could run so I was able to get in four of the five runs so hurry!!  Not to mention all of the walking we did in addition to the runs. So while I feel like I didn’t get as much exercise as I would have liked the walking very much made up for it in my hip can definitely attest to that.

Tuesday:  5:30 am wake up call to change hotels and make the Harry Potter tour ment no time for running but we ended up walking about 6 miles that day.


Wednesday:  I was scheduled to run 4 easy miles but our new hotel was in a poorly lit part of town and I didn’t feel safe running outside alone.  Word to the wise,  trust your gut and stay safe no run is worth your safety.  Today I also left for Amsterdam!

Thursday:  in Amsterdam my new hotel is in a great area.   I ran 4.6 miles with 8×30 second pick ups at hard pace.   Ended with average pace of 11:24, could have been faster but some of the roads and bridges were icy and I didn’t want to fall.   Those second I either very slowly ran or walked to be safe.   While it was very cold I felt pretty good.   I thought my body would feel tight since I haven’t been able to stretch but the only issue was my ever present left hip pain.   Overall I was happy with this run!   The lobby of the hotel has a gorgeous bar area, look at those chandeliers!

Friday: last full day in Amsterdam and a full day of conferences. Since i can’t run Saturday because of my flight today is my first ever split run.   This morning was 3.8 miles and it was cold. But after the first 10 minutes it felt fantastic and I actually ran my fastest time with an average pace of 10:26! Wow that was much faster than I expected 🙂 this afternoon was a 2.75 mile run but I didn’t run outside because it was busy on the streets and forecasted to rain, which it actually did when I left the gym. Come to find out the treadmills are in Dutch which should be no surprise but they were also in metric which was very confusing. I ended with a pace of 10:55 which I was happy with but thought I could have dine a little faster if I had understood the metric conversion. Overall very happy with both runs being in a foreign country, not eating what I normally eat and just overall schedule thrown off.

Saturday: traveling home today no run scheduled.

Sunday: 3 mile run this morning. Slow pace in tap but ended with 11 min/mile average. I actually ended up being able to go to bed the night before at a normal time and get decent sleep, which means luckily this morning I didn’t feel jet lagged. The run was uneventful but I was happy to get back out with the puppies 🙂 15 min stretching and foam rolling was much needed that night.
Monday: 30 minute core class today was KILLER!!!  We had a sub again today and she works my legs for serious!  Nice to get back in the groove though and work on something other than running.  Not to say Im tired of running but I need a break sometimes with the workouts.  PS—the step is my arch nemesis!

CHIME IN!!!  How was your weekend?  Did you have a great workout recently?  Do you like using the step in gym class?

6 thoughts on “Workout recap 1/19-25

  1. Way to get workouts in while traveling! I’m sure that gets super tough! I had a great 5 miler in the snow in Thursday. It was slow and slippery, but lots of fun! 😄

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