Thinking Out Loud #19

Have you ever heard the “Stuck in America” song by Sugarcult?

I just thought of this song because…IM BACK IN AMERICA.  Ok so Ive been back for about almost a week now but still.  I loved this band when I was younger…anyways totally off subject.

THINKING OUT LOUD!  Linking up with Amanda here.


  1.  I am so excited to share my London travels with you over the next few weeks.  We did so much I have to break the posts up.  That being said…Here is the absolute highlight from that trip.  Hampton Court Gardens!!!  It was cold, it was cloudy but these gardens were gorgeous.  We spent about an hour walking around and even in the dead of winter I was still super impressed.  You thought I was going to say Harry Potter didnt you?!  Well thats the obvious choice, gotta keep you guessing!!

Hampton Gardens

2.  I fell off the “cut down on sugar” band wagon…hard.  I may have bought 7 packages of stroopwafels during my trip to Amsterdam (1 of which I ate while I was there) and I may have eaten a whole package of weird sour Amsterdam candies while I was there.  #NoShame.  I need to get back on track because on my last dentist visit I have more cavities.  I hate getting fillings, they STINK.


3.  I thought I was over my little cold but it came back and is kicking my butt!  Luckily my doctor says its not a virus or anything like that so that means I can still work…so maybe thats not so lucky 😉


4.  While I was in Amsterdam I was able to make it to a Dutch bookstore and get Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Dutch!  Not that I know how to read Dutch or anything, its a new collection Im starting of HP books from the countries I have been too.  So far I have Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom and soon Canada (thanks Mom!).  I think Ive mentioned it before but its an idea I got from Darla @ Bakingdom (she mainly is on instagram now but her blog was the shiz when she was posting) to collect your favorite book from different countries.  Cool right!  Cant wait to get the French version of Order of the Phoenix in September.

harry potter books

5.  Speaking of stroopwafels…did you know they typically are served with a hot beverage.  You put the stroopwafel on top of your cup to warm it up and get the middle all melty-like.  Since I have been drinking tea a lot lately I tried this out…well too bad my Starbucks mugs are all wider than a stroopwafel!  #StarbucksFail.  I didnt take a picture of that because I didnt want the wafel to fall in so instead here is what is SUPPOSED to look like.


6.  Before our trip I had Joe take a look at my phone because my battery was dying super fast.  He moved some apps around and reconfigured my phone a little and everything was all good.  Until I went to look up my to-do list and found that when my note app was moved from the phone memory to the SD card all my lists were lost.  UGH!  Ive slowly remembered some of the things on those lists, but man that stunk.  I put things in those lists so I didnt have to remember them!  Lesson learned people, dont move note apps you will lose your notes!

color note app

7.  Im working from home today which means I get to spend time with these furry friends and work in a climate that is not the artic circle.  I have my nice little space heater, my sweat pants, and I am a happy camper.  Have I mentioned before I love my home office 😉


8.  I have been making more salads recently and I realized something about me and salads…I can really enjoy a salad if its part of a recipe, like say santa fe turkey salad.  When I dont enjoy a salad is when its just a hodge podge of ingredients (like a salad bar).  I must just be bad at putting together a salad but I enjoy them much more when its a “theme”.  Is that right…can food be a theme…whatever you know what I mean.  I’ve found a few salad recipes that I really enjoy so yay for getting more greens into the diet!  And before you say, no Im not using iceburg lettuce, I use Boston, Romaine or Leafy Green.  Iceburg lettuce is for BLT’s of course.


9.  Do you love salad?  Do you ever get to work from home?  Ever had a stroopwafel before?  Tell me Im not the only one to make notes in the cookbooks.


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  1. I’m collecting Harry Potter books from around the world too! I have Philosopher’s Stone from America (duh!), England, Greece, and Germany so far. I passed on Canada when I was there in October since it was the same as the British printing (though admittedly I was tempted by the new cover art!). I live close to the border so I could easy pop back over to pick up a copy at any time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. whostardis says:

      thats awesome! i did read that canada was the same as england, im a stickler for continuity though 🙂 i do love the new cover art for the english books its really…magical…lol


  2. Collecting your favourite book from all the countries you visit is seriously the coolest idea EVER. I think I might have to start doing that with one of mine. And I totally don’t blame you for giving in to the sweet tooth while travelling! Europe has some pretty darn amazing desserts and sweets.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. whostardis says:

      what book would you pick? i think its so interesting how different countries have different cover art. bookworm life right 🙂


  3. So you’ve just reignited a passion and need to listen to all of my favorite bands from middle/high school. I used to LOVE Sugarcult!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. whostardis says:

      Isn’t it funny how music brings back memories! Sugarcult definitely has some for me 😉


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