Workout Recap 1/26-2/1

Happy February everyone!  Now that its officially February that means I am only a few weeks out until my first goal race of 2016!!  Im excited, nervous, confident, worried all at the same time.  Truth be told its been a while since Ive had these feelings about a race.  I just hope the weather is nice, knowing Florida though it probably wont be 😀

I had a new to me speed workout this week and 5 total runs.  I started with 4/week, guess somewhere in there my coach moved me up to 5.  Cant say Im sad about it, with the variation I have in the runs I dont really notice the frequency until I actually look.  This surprises me, but in a good way!

Tuesday:  Today was a new kind of speed workout for me.  I had 3×20 second pick ups with a goal pace of 10 min/mile and 4x 3minute pick-ups with the same 10 min/mile pace.  The pick-ups felt fine I actually had them between a 9:30 and 9:45 but the rest intervals (1 minute between each set) I must have been going slower than I should have because I ended .3 miles short of the goal distance.  On the bright side I felt good on the pick-ups even though my legs were super sore from yesterdays core class and I wore the puppies out!  10 minutes of the most painful foam rolling in memory.  Seriously, my left hip hurt so bad I had to stop after 5 seconds.  I took 2 alieve before bed to help with the hot mess that is my legs currently.

Wednesday:  I woke up feeling crappy, unmotivated and stiff.  I decided since I was meeting partners today I would do my run when I got home.  You guys…first time ever I have done a run after work.  Super weird and threw me off mentally but it was overall the right decision since my body felt better as the day progressed.  It was also a really gorgeous day out and I was kinda excited to have a late afternoon run.  The goal today was to have an easy 3 mile run with around a 11:50 pace.  I tried taking the run out slow but for whatever reason the slower I ran the heavier and awful my legs felt.  I ended with a 11:06 min/mile pace.  Still slow but not as slow as it should have been for a recovery run.  Anyone else have that where the slower you run the worse you feel?  10 minutes foam rolling, stretching and back yoga that night…oh man it hurt…so good…it wasnt good though, it just hurt 😉

afternoon run

Thursday:  Feeling less and less stiff as the week progresses which is good because today was 10×20 second pick-ups.  The goal for the pick-ups was a faster than 10k pace and ended doing those around 9-9:30min/mile pace.  Its hard to get a good pace gauge when its only 20 seconds but thats a rough guess.  Had 4.5 miles on tap and ended with a  10:40min/mile overall pace.  My left hip is still giving me issues but at least yesterday I was able to foam roll it out a little.  I also didnt take the dogs today, they dont do as well on the speed sessions and I need to focus on building speed so they stayed at home.  They werent too upset with me though when I got home!  10 minutes foam rolling, stretching and back yoga that night.

Friday:  Much needed rest day!

Saturday:  8 mile run ended with 11:24 pace but the whole run was a struggle.  I did something to my left hip while I was in London and its still bugging me.  From start to finish it was giving me problems.  Breathing was really hard and legs were heavy.  I havent had a bad run like this in a while so I guess it was about time.  I stopped to stretch my legs out a few times and had some walk breaks as well.  I had a 90 minute massage later that morning which definitely helped but my left hip is now super sore.  Im hoping by Tuesday its better and back to being a happy body part.  Positive of the run I saw a beautiful misty sunrise with a whole mess of deer.  Love morning runs.

misty sunrise

so many deer

Sunday:  5 miles today ended with a 11:40 pace (today was supposed to be slower than yesterday).  Legs still heavy and some hip pain but I attribute that to my deep tissue massage yesterday.  It was also much warmer today with temps around 75 and sunny.  I am so not ready for warmer temps just yet, bring back the cold please!!!  Had a few walk breaks in there so technically when I was running it was closer to a 10:30 pace and the short walks averaged it out to the 11:40 pace.  10 minutes foam rolling that night which was pretty painful on my hip but felt good on all the other leg areas.  No yoga or extra stretching today, spent all my time on the foam roller.

Monday:  30 minute core class which I enjoyed!!  A lot of lower back, lower core which are areas that I can always use work in.  I moved up to a 9 pound weight as a heavy weight and I feel super strong 🙂

CHIME IN!!!  How did your workouts go this week?  Do you see a lot of wildlife in your area?  Any advise for dealing with reoccurring hip pain?


9 thoughts on “Workout Recap 1/26-2/1

  1. Oh my gosh you also like the cold?!? Lol I feel like very few people do and when I tell people I prefer cold weather over hot weather they look at me like I’m crazy. 😅

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  2. This fall I had some serious hip pain in my right hip, sharp stabbing pain in my lower back/hip/glute when I put weight on my right leg. Not sure of course if it is the same pain you were experiencing, but I found massaging my hip/glute with a lacrosse ball against a wall was much more effective then my foam roller. It really allows you to dig into the tight muscles. I also found a sports massage therapist that focused on athletes/runners which was 100% worth the money. That’s where I picked up the lacrosse ball tip as well as some other stretches to reduce the muscle tightness that was pulling my hip out of alignment.

    Good luck getting it sorted out! This is definitely not what you want to be experiencing right before a race.

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  3. I had some pretty horrible hip pain after my marathon in November 2015. It meant rest, yoga, and lots of hip-strengthening exercises. I hated taking time off, but it meant all the difference. Great suggestion with the lacrosse ball!

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  4. Ouch sorry to hear about your hip. I’ve had hip pain before and I think it eased away with a lot of stretching, foam rolling and using a spikey ball for rolling to get to the hip better (not sure what they are called :D) and also deep tissue massage.
    Hope yours gets better soon so you a race ready for this month 🙂

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    1. i also got a lacrosse ball suggestion, but maybe the spikey ball would be better to really get in there. im sure if i search spikey ball amazon will have some results. gotta love amazon!


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