WIWW #27

We got a cold front last night and I decided before winter totally leaves Houston I need to wear this super adorable dress I got for my birthday (a month late).  During the colder months I don’t wear anything outside of pants very often because I hate being cold but if I do wear a dress I make darn sure to wear my thickest tights to keep my legs warm.  Its all mental but if my legs are warm the rest of me will be fine 🙂

Thanks again to ModCloth for a great dress find.  Its not the best fit ever, but the print and shape of the dress was enough for me to overlook that.  If it bothers me enough I can always take it to my local tailor, but meh, I think its fine.

I was going to wear a super cute pair of heels with this, but my hip is still bothering me and as we all know heels are not great for the body.  These are about a 5 inch heel, so yeah, that would have been a bad idea 🙂


Dress:  ModCloth

Tights:  Target

Shoes:  DSW (clearance)

Earrings: Kendra Scott (out of stock)

CHIME IN!!!  Do you like fun prints or stick to more traditional?  Is the weather crazy where you are?  What did you wear today?


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  1. koolaidmoms says:

    In MI it is a delightfully warm 40 degrees! I love that you are wearing tights with short sleeves.

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    1. whostardis says:

      I do have a thick coat I wore outside, but I dont really need it sitting in the office 🙂

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  2. thehomemakerslife says:

    Beauty! 🙂

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  3. I bought this dress too and I LOVE it! I’m a big fan of cute prints 😀 You look adorable 💖

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    1. whostardis says:

      thats awesome! and thanks you 😀

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