London Adventures Day 2

Day 2 in London I tried to get up and run but I was still so exhausted I turned my alarm off and slept for 2 more hours.  We got up around 8am then headed out shortly after.  Today we had a bunch of random places to visit so off we went!  Keeping with the previous post, here is what we did:  The Shard, Shakespeare’s Globe theater, Millennium Bridge, London Bridge, Tower of London, Lunch at Poppies, Baker Street, Abbey Road, A TARDIS, Kensington Palace, dinner at an Italian Restaurant then waffles for dessert.

Our Hotel

The Shard:  Ok, so from movies and…ok Doctor Who episodes, the Shard (a skyscraper) looks like its in with the reset of the London skyline…its not…its far away.  I think the whole reason I wanted to go by it was to get some good panorama shots of London but since it wasn’t what I was expecting we didn’t pay the 50 pounds (EACH!!!) to go up.  I took a picture of it and we kept walking to our next stop.

the shard

Shakespeare’s The Globe:  At first I thought taking the tour was going to be lame, but it was free with the London Pass so we decided to go ahead and take the tour.  I’m so glad we did!  Our tour guide was HILARIOUS and made the whole experience awesome.  He told us the history of this particular building, how its not in the exact spot as the original but as close as possible.  How the interior decorations may not be exact because there are no drawings of the theater so its their best guess.  All the materials used were what would have been used when the Globe was built (hand-wrought nails people!).  Our guide also talked about what seeing a play would have been like back then and why the best seats in the house were BEHIND the actors.  Seriously, if you are in London and have time to do the tour of the Globe I highly recommend it.  Like I’ve said before, I’m not much for history but our guide made you feel like you were almost there experiencing it right then!  Really cool!

Millennium Bridge:  Some of you may recognize this from the Harry Potter movies.  Its a pedestrian bridge across the river.  I didn’t want to walk across, because I didn’t see the point, but I did take some pictures from far away.  When we were by St. Paul’s Cathedral we saw the entrance to the bridge and it just so happened to be closed for maintenance at the time…figures lol.

millenium bridge

London Bridge:  I thought this was the Tower Bridge and was severely disappointed when I found out it was not.  I have no idea why I thought the London Bridge was the iconic Tower Bridge but whatever…its water under the bridge…#sorrynotsorry I had to.  Needless to say I took a picture of the sign, got supremely disappointed and walked over to the Tower of London.

London bridge

Tower of London:  Tower of London tour was also included in the London Pass and there was NO LINE to get in!!  We walked around a little, but I really just wanted to see the crown jewels.  Since we had lunch reservations at 1pm we didn’t get to spend as much time here as I would have liked.  You could take a “bloody tour” to hear all about the history of the tower with guys dressed in Beefeater costumes but we didn’t have time sadly.  One of the few regrets from the trip but at least we got to see the jewels.  You aren’t allowed to take any pictures inside that exhibit but trust me, these were super impressive and gorgeous.  A lot of purple, a lot of sparkle, and a lot of me wishing I could take one home 🙂  There are also ravens out and in cages that you can see.  They are bigger than my dog Whisp.  I’m not even kidding.  I didn’t get a picture but seriously they are huge.  Apparently these birds were fed human remains to train them…….use your imagination….so gross.

Poppies for Lunch:  I did so much research on where to get good fish and chips its a little ridiculous.  I even asked my boss who is from London and was warned you don’t get good quality fish and chips unless you are on the coast.  I did find 2 places that he said should be good and Poppies was the first one we tried.  This place is also listed on a few top ten lists so I figured they would be decent.  I think Ill do a full review comparing the two fish and chips places but what I will say is the chips were good, the fish was flavorless.  At then end of the day, it was food, it filled our bellies and we got in and out quickly.

poppies fish and chips

Baker Street:  A few people told me going into Sherlock’s Home was not really worth the stupid amount of money requested so instead we went to the outside and checked out the shop attached.  Pretty cool to visit and also took you outside the main area of London.  We walked around a little bit after and saw some pretty cool neighborhoods.

Abbey Road:  Whats a visit to London without visiting a road the Beatles made famous.  Joe said I didn’t do the arm swing right, my bad.  Thank goodness again for slow seasons, I bet during the summer this road gets packed with tourists.

Abbey Road

TARDIS:  You KNOW I searched and searched where I could find a police box in London.  This one is not a prop, used to be an actual police box and was super cool to find.  I was the only one to give two poops about it and that’s alright by me.  It was locked of course, must have left my key in my other coat 😉


Kensington Palace:  We had a few minutes left of daylight and thought we would check out the Palace we missed on day 1.  When we got there it was closed 😦  Apparently visitors aren’t let in 1 hour prior to closing time, which makes sense, but we were still sad about it.  I think it would have been interesting to check out but the stars just didn’t align and we weren’t able to make it happen.

kensington palace

Italian Dinner:  This place was recommended by the front desk person who said she had been there before and liked it.  I don’t even remember the name that’s how much I want to forget this place.  Maybe I’m spoiled on real Italian food I make myself and from Italy but this was meh and the gnocchi were not homemade.  I was a little concerned with the sauce being neon red…and it wasn’t very good.  I also ordered the veal parmigiana which had a piece of veal and a piece of eggplant…it was weird and I left hungry.  A testament to how I felt about the food.  Since I was still hungry we tracked down some dessert.

italian dinner

Wafflemiester:  I had seen this place when we were in Piccadilly Circus and wanted to check it out.  Luckily there was one very close to where we had dinner so we popped over to get some dessert.  I got the waffle with strawberries and Belgium milk chocolate.  Joe got the waffle with white and milk Belgium chocolate.  We both devoured these, so good, so authentic!  I don’t know if you know about liege waffles but they are more dough than batter and have a crispy outside doughy inside.  Yum Yum Yum.  Seriously.  My stomach was very happy.

After waffles we went back to the hotel and passed out.  We packed so much into day two!!  Until next time with day three!

CHIME IN!!!  Have you had a liege waffle before?  Did you know the London Bridge was not the iconic bridge?  How do you feel about guided tours?

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