Workout Recap 2/2-2/8

First of all…THANK YOU for all your suggestions with hip pain!!  I ordered a spiky ball and it should be here today!  You guys rock 😀  For those of you wondering what that is, this is the one I got.  Gotta love amazon knowing the random search items I enter.

We are getting closer and closer to my goal race people!!!  Running is officially up to 5 days a week and I had my first official track workout this week.

Tuesday:  Today was a night track workout with my coaching group.  To be perfectly honest, I was really intimidated waiting in the parking lot for the start time.  I was worried I was going to be the slowest one there and not know what I was doing.  I get really uncomfortable meeting new people especially alone and I almost chickened out and went home a few times.  Luckily I stuck it out and had a great workout.  When I got to the track I did 4 laps to warm up (1600 meters).  After my warm-up we did some dynamic stretching drills then lined up in groups by pace.  I was in group 3 (out of 4, yay not the slowest) and we started running 800’s with a 1 minute rest in-between each set.  Since I haven’t set a baseline my coach gave me a goal of 4:45 for each 800.  My sets went like this: 3:57, 3:58, 4:01, 4:11, 4:14.  My watch was also a few seconds off for each set because I had a hard time getting the lap feature down so those are anywhere from 2-6 seconds faster than what the watch showed.  I was really happy with those times even with my hip being a constant issue.  When the sets were done I did 2 laps to cool down then went home and stretched/foam rolled for 15 minutes.

Wednesday:  Oreo woke me up again in the middle of the night so when my 5am alarm went off I turned it completely off, set my normal alarm and decided to do my run on the treadmill instead of running that morning and doing core during lunch.  Today was a recovery run so 3.5 miles at 12min/mile pace.  I set the treadmill to 5 (which says 12:00pace) and got going.  My hip would start and stop bothering me the whole run but I kept the pace consistent.  My watch said I got 3.5 miles in 39 minutes (which is a 11:18min/mile) but the treadmill said I was only at 3.25.  I don’t know why my watch never matches whats on the treadmill, does that happen to you?  Free “healthy” snack samples at the gym today yay!  I say “healthy” because that nut mix was far from healthy, the fat content was absurd!  10 minutes foam rolling, stretching plus 10 minutes icing my hip that night.

Thursday:  More speed work today.  4.5 miles, 10 minutes warm up, 3x 20second tempo pace, then 4x4min tempo pace pick-ups with 1 minute rest intervals.  I totally spaced and thought tempo was track pace and took those 4 minute pick ups a little faster than I probably needed to, each pick up was between 8:24-8:49.  I also messed up the rest intervals and did 3 minutes instead of 1.  I was totally out of it today, I’m surprised the run went as well as it did.  I iced my hip last night which definitely helped this morning.  Its not totally better but its getting there.  10 minutes of foam rolling and stretching that night plus 10 minutes icing the hip.

Friday:  Rest day!!  From running anyway.  I got a flexibility yoga DVD a while back but hadn’t tried it out.  I stopped taking the yoga class at the gym for various reasons and meant to replace it with the DVD but never made it a part of my schedule.  Today I decided to commit to it and even put a calendar reminder in my phone.  While I don’t love the video, I definitely feel the tightness and saw some improvement just from this quick video.  I will probably get a runner specific DVD soon, but need to make a habit before I invest more money.  Sorry for the ugly feet pic…I don’t think anyone has pretty feet except for foot models though, am I right 😉

Saturday:  I was going to run with the group today but when my alarm went off at 5:30am there was thunder and lightning so I decided to go back to sleep and wait out the storm.  I got up around 7:30am, the storm had passed and made for a gorgeous day.  I had 9 miles on schedule today at 11:40 pace.  Ended with 11:31 pace and felt overall much better than last week.  My hip is getting better, slowly, which helps make the run easier alone.  No stretching tonight, we had a couples date night and I forgot to do it before we left.

Sunday:  5 miles at 11:40 pace (my coach splits up my long runs to reduce injury risk).  I ran this later than I planned but I went to bed way to late last night and really needed the rest.  It took me about a mile to get in the groove but the 5 miles were pretty uneventful (a kid tried to run me down with his bike, but otherwise nothing happened).  I was glad to get this workout in before the game to get my metabolism going since who knows what I was going to be eating at the party we were going to.  Better have those extra calories burned just in case 🙂  I met with my coach that afternoon so she could show me some different stretches to do to help with hip stiffness.  15 minutes of stretching that night.  OUCH on the quad stretch she showed me!  It hurts so good?!?!?

Monday:  I wanted to do my core class but we had a meeting at work so I couldn’t go 😦  I thought about doing the earlier class but I have a 5k race this weekend and I cannot be sore at all.  If I did that class I know I would be (not saying that’s bad, but I need to do this 5k well for my coach to calculate things for me…technical stuff…don’t ask me what).  10 minutes stretching / foam rolling / back stretches / icing hip that night.  Since I don’t have a workout related pic to share, here comes the smolder 🙂  I love this movie.

CHIME IN!!!  Have you done a group track workout before?  Do you struggle with meeting new people?  How did your workouts go this week?

2 thoughts on “Workout Recap 2/2-2/8

  1. Glad you managed to find the spikey ball, that’s what I have. Make sure you wear thick ish clothes when you use it though because it leaves “holes” in your skin otherwise haha 😀
    Sounds like a great training week!


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