My Ultimate Bucket List (TOL #21)

For today’s Thinking Out Loud post I decided to do something a little different, share my bucket list!

Thanks again to Amanda for hosting, linking up here.


I recently saw another blogger post her Ultimate Bucket List.  When I say Ultimate, this girl has like 200 things listed.  I guess I must be a little basic but I don’t have such a large list.  No surprise mine are mostly travel related.  I have already done a few of the things on my bucket list and will surely add more (and will update this post with them).

  • See the floating lanterns in Thailand
  • Eat fresh pineapple from Hawaii
  • Visit the Amazon Rain-forest
  • Oktoberfest in Germany
  • Run the original Olympic track
  • See the northern lights
  • Visit the Eiffel tower
  • Visit wineries in Tuscany
  • Learn Italian
  • Visit all Disney parks (currently 2 out of 6)
  • Mine for opals in Australia
  • Go on an African safari
  • See a Broadway musical (mom took me for my 18th birthday)


  • Visit the coliseum (2015 Italy trip)


  • Find a TARDIS (2016 London trip)


  • Run the Boston Marathon
  • Get married at Disney (July 25, 2009)

Disney Wedding

  • See the Tulips in bloom in the Netherlands (March 2014)

tulip garden

  • Visit the Kremlin
  • Stay at the ice hotel
  • Run all the Disney races (except Star Wars, so far I’ve done 4 of the 9 currently still available and 2 that are no longer available))
  • Visit all 50 states (current count 19)
  • See the changing of the seasons
  • Drive the California coast
  • Hot Air Balloon ride
  • Run an international race
  • Tour a wine region in France
  • Learn to play the guitar
  • Visit every continent (yes even Antarctica!)
  • Stay a night in a legit castle
  • Work in a foreign country
  • Take a gondola ride (2015 Italy trip)

gondola in venice

  • Learn how to make authentic Napoli pizza
  • Explore the Amalfi Coast
  • Spend the night in the Dream Suite in Walt Disney World

CHIME IN!!!  What would be something on your ultimate bucket list?


18 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh I love this list. Some of it I’ve done and other things definitely need to be added to my own list now!


  2. VERY cool! I love these lists. One of mine is to go to the Galapagos Islands – my uncle did it a few years back and said it was so amazing!


    1. oh wow that does sound amazing, I hope you are able to go one day!!


  3. Hollie says:

    I want to go to Germany as well. Let’s try as the BMW marathon right? 😉


    1. yes! thats the best way to see a city!


  4. I’ve been to italy before and it was amazing! I wanna travel all through Europe though!


    1. the more I get to see of Europe the more I love it!


  5. Oh man, this is all so awesome. You know what? I don’t really have a running bucket list of things that I’d like to accomplish, but I feel like I should start working on putting one together. I’m betting it’s an awesome feeling when you finally get to cross them off!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you totally should, but I love to daydream in general so it was fun to think about the great adventures in store 🙂


  6. I also have visit all 7 continents on my list.
    I did an African Safari this time last year, & I actually posted all about it today!


    1. awesome! checking that post out right this second!!!


  7. Pille says:

    You have an awesome bucket list! I’m tempted to make one on my blog, too…
    I’ve been to a safari in Africa and can’t even describe how amazing that was, you will absolutely LOVE it.


    1. Thank you and you should it’s fun to dream 🙂 and you need to write a post about your safari!!!


  8. I went to Santorini last summer, that had been on my bucket list for the longest time. I think the next one I have is seeing the Northern lights! I hope to go to Iceland later this winter and see that!

    Characters & Carry-ons


    1. I’m waiting for the northern lights until I get better at my photography, gotta get those amazing pics! Iceland looks so cool


  9. Love your wedding dress!!! I really want to see the Northern lights, it’s been on my bucket list for a while

    Characters & Carry-ons

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Love this list! Bucket lists keep us dreaming and fighting don’t they? Gotta love ’em 🙂


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