Workout Recap 2/9-15

This week was all about building base speed and prepping my body for the 5k race on Saturday while also keeping myself free from injury for my half marathon next weekend.  Overall I would say this week went pretty well!  I mean…I did get a pretty impressive PR…but you have to wait for that.

Tuesday:  More speed work today.  This one was a little weird and I had to read it a few times to get it down.  15 minutes warm-up with 2×20 second easy picks ups then 3x2min pick ups at faster than 5k pace with 2 minute rest in between.  After that set 3 minute rest then do that same set again.  15 minute cool down at easy pace.  I really like these kinds of workouts it breaks the time up and before I know it its been 4.5 miles!  I ended with a 10:28 pace and felt really good through all the pick-ups.  I even got up to a 7:45 pace and didn’t feel like dying!  This is the face you make when you feel like you rocked a workout.  15 minutes foam rolling / stretching / 10 minutes icing that night.

Wednesday:  Easy run today took the pace a little slower than on the schedule but my shins were pretty tight today.  Ended with 4.1 miles at 12:12 pace.  Gotta roll out the shins tonight to keep them fresh for Saturday.  Since I ran in the morning I also went to core.  I know crazy woman!  Since I missed Monday I wanted to make sure I went today.  It was a pretty good class but modified a lot to not overwork my hip flexors.   15 minutes foam rolling / stretching / 10 minutes icing that night.  Updated picture of my torture tools 🙂

Thursday:  Rest day!  I know but its Thursday!  I’m running a 5k on Saturday so my rest day shifted to accommodate for that.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / icing that night

Friday:  Easy run with some pick-ups today.  Did 2.16 miles at 11:36 pace…but I messed up my watch and had it running instead of paused while I picked up Oreo’s mess.  Ugh, so my first mile was way off.  Did 4×30 second pick-ups at 10k pace.  Felt good the whole run but the dogs were acting up so I was a little frustrated with them.  Its a good thing it was a short distance today because I was having NONE of their shenanigans today.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / icing hip that night.  The dogs love to make sure I get my stretching in.

Saturday:  5k race day!  There is a local race done twice a month by my local running store Luke’s Locker.  Funny enough my dad has ran 60 of the same race back when he lived closer to the Woodlands.  Now its my turn.  Today’s goal was to race all out, full exertion and get a baseline for my heartrate and pace with a goal time of 28:00 (my last 5k PR was 30:12).  Luckily today was a gorgeous day with low humidity.  I got to the school and did a half mile slow warm up then some dynamic stretching.  Then it was time to line up at the start line.  No fancy chips or mats, just cones and volunteers.  The course was an out and back, very simple.  The first mile I took out too fast to get around people and speed bumps and had an 8:22 pace.  The second mile I slowed down a little and tried to find someone to pace.  I thought I had found that (mainly because they were in front of me and I couldn’t get around them) but they were going too slow, I was able to get past them but my second mile was 9:02.  I saw that time and picked it up, passed a few more people and got close to the finish line.  I didn’t have much left in the tank and I was breathing pretty hard but got mile 3 at 8:36 and the last .1 at 7:50.  Overall I got my best time ever for a 5k with 26:16!!!  My goal time was 28:00.  Ahhhh!!!!  I was so excited with my time I went to Chick-Fil-A where they were serving heart biscuits, they loved my great time too 🙂

Sunday:  Recovery day.  30 minute walk was scheduled.  We cleaned the house so that was my 30 minute walk (takes me and Joe and hour).  We don’t celebrate Valentine’s day but brunch with Summer was a great way to round out a fantastic weekend with an awesome PR.

Monday:  Rest and travel day.  I did a bit of walking today with meetings and airports, but overall rest day.

CHIME IN!!!  Did you have some great workouts this week?  Do your furry friends keep tabs on you while you stretch?  Do you make silly faces when you have a great workout?


4 thoughts on “Workout Recap 2/9-15

  1. Congratulations on your huge PR! Four minutes off is super impressive! I love those small, no-frills races for setting PRs. So much easier to stay on pace when you don’t have to fight your way through crowds.

    My cat is all over me when I am stretching and foam rolling. Apparently it is always snuggle time in her mind.

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