Workout Recap 2/16-22

I’m on a mission to get all my workouts in and do them well with all this crazy traveling.  Plus this week is half marathon time!!!  Recap to come on that soon.

Tuesday:  In San Antonio the first half of this week I made sure to get a hotel with a legit gym.  Today’s workout was 3 x 800’s at tempo pace with a 15 minute warm-up and 2 minute rest intervals between each 800.  Since I was on the treadmill my coach told me to get a pace of 9:02 for 4:30 and to keep track of my heartrate. So that was a little much for me to remember and I actually messed up the pace and thought she said 9:32.  I did each set at 9:32 (6.3 on the treadmill) and the warm-up and rest at a 11:30 (5.2).  End pace was 11:02 at 3.7 miles.  I ended the workout feeling like I could have gone faster, and yup I could and should have.  My thought at the time was I didn’t want to super push since my race is Sunday, but turns out I wasn’t at the pace I should have been so that made sense.  After my workout I did foam rolling and stretching since I didn’t think I would have time later that night.

today i will kill it

Wednesday:  Still in San Antonio I hit the gym again.  Today was 3 recovery miles at easy pace.  Apparently now my easy pace is 10:00 which was a little bit of a push this morning but ended with 10:04 pace so not too far off.  Just a normal treadmill run, I was a little bored with it today though since it was just a recovery run and no pick-ups to keep my mind off the time on the treadmill.  Oh well, I have Glee on Netflix to keep me company 🙂  Oh and I remembered to take a picture of the view from the treadmill today, pretty right!  I got to watch the sunrise.  10 minutes stretching / foam rolling / icing hip when I got home.


Thursday:  Today is a new to me workout before my plane ride to Tampa.  Today is 4×20 second strides (downhill running).  I’ve never done this before but luckily by my house there is a small creek with a downhill slope to it.  I did the strides, shoes got all wet and the dogs loved me letting them off leash while I did this (its has a fence so they cant run into the road) but my breathing was struggling today.  I remembered what my coach has told me so many times…if something feels off then stop.  I was supposed to do 2.8 miles but ended with 2.23.  I’m not sad about it because I still have one more shake out run before the race.  A note on the strides…it was weird.  She told me to run in the grass if possible but when I run in the grass I run slower because I’m afraid of twisting my ankle on un-even terrain.  I will say my legs felt so much better running on the grass than on the street so it was a nice change of pace.  And like I said the dogs LOVED it.


Friday:  Rest day…ok but it was DISNEY DAY WITH BRITTANY!!!  So rest from running but not on my feet…sorry coach Disney calls 😀  Ive never done a jumping picture before but I think we look fantastic!


Saturday: 1.8 mile shake out with 4×30 second pickups at 10k pace.  It was a much needed shake out run, yesterday was a lot of walking so my legs were pretty stiff.  Ended with a 10:30 overall pace.  Its pretty warm in Tampa, making me a little nervous about race day temps.  Tampa has tons of live oak trees, who knew right!  I love big tree lined streets.


Sunday:  RACE DAY!  This is what I have been working so hard for months for.  I’m excited, nervous, blah, everything!!!  I’m going to do a full race recap soon but for now I’m just going to tell you my time and splits…or I would if this race had them.  So there was only 1 mat and the chip reader didn’t get my start time so the time is off.  The clock time said 2:18:59 but I know I went through the first mile 3 minutes after the clock time so my official time should be somewhere in the 2:15 range.  My watch said 2:15:01 but I think its more like 2:15:49.  Either way…its a PR, I’m super sore but happy to have another time improvement.

post race

Monday:  Rest day.  With all the traveling and more to come today’s rest is much needed.  I have a dentist appointment today but other than that I plan on sitting on the couch all day and only moving to go to the bathroom 🙂

CHIME IN!!!  How did your workouts go this week?  Done any new to your workouts?  Do like you running in the grass?


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  1. Well done on the PR!! 😀 😀 😀

    Also fantastic job for keeping up the workouts on the treadmill… I only manage that if I’m absolutely forced to, I always try my best to only do easy miles on the treadmill- failing that I’ll switch it out for cross training!

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