Race Goals for Gasparilla

Technically I have already ran the race but in reality I’m writing this post BEFORE the race so it still counts.  I wanted to throw my goals out there and be totally transparent with yall and see how close I came.

What better way to share goals then linking up with Amanda thinking out loud style here.


  1.  Finish!  Sounds silly, but things happen so first and foremost I want to be able to finish the race.

gasparilla half2.  Don’t get injured along the way.  Again, things happen you never know if you might twist your ankle or something silly.  I want to finish and be injury free.  Sore muscles don’t count either 🙂

runner injury3. My absolute jump for joy, cry ugly happy tears eat all the cupcakes time is 1:59:59.  That’s right, one second under 2:00:00.  I have been training hard but don’t know if its possible.  Its still a goal though.

walt disney quote4.  Goal time #2 would be 2:05:something.  Still close to sub 2 hours but a little less aggressive and less risk of bad things happening.  Still a rock-star time too 😀

tuesday workout5.  Because I think heat may be a factor I have 2 more time goals.  This one is probably the most realistic and will probably actually be my time, 2:15:something.  My coach thinks this is what my time will be but that doesn’t stop be from dreaming big!  If I get this time I will know my training is going well and on pace for a sub-2 finish in September.

disneyland paris half6.  Just in case everything goes wrong, I will be happy with a 2:25:something time.  Its still faster than my last half marathon time and still an improvement.

20160101_1126127.  Have fun!  Running isn’t really fun while its happening, but I’m doing this race with Brittany in a new city with a pirate theme.  I still want to enjoy my time in Tampa and the race.  It should be higher on the list but I really want an awesome time #sorrynotsorry.

gasparilla race weekend

8.  Do you plan out goals for your races?  How long did it take you to get sub 2 hours?  Are you still working towards that club?


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