WIWW #31

I’m back in Houston for a few days and totally didn’t feel like wearing a dress today.  Mainly because they are all a little tight right now…eating out will do that to you.

On a totally side note…if anyone knows how to thicken up a braid/hair shout it out!  I apparently have thin hair and always want one of those awesome braids you see on pinterest.  Sadly my hair just isn’t cut out for that…aside from extensions…any suggestions?!?!


Sweater: Target (a few years ago)

Top: Express (a few years ago)

Jeans: Express

Sandals: Express (a few years ago)

Earrings: Kendra Scott

CHIME IN!!!  Do you still wear things from years ago?  What’s your favorite store to shop at?


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  1. Oh heavens..I’m afraid I too am plagued with thin hair. Braids have never been my friend. It’s sad really because braids are so pretty! Yes, I wear things from years ago. I’m thrifty like that..(read can’t afford to buy new clothing often.) 🙂

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