Foodie Friday #27 TAMPA FOOD EDITION!!!

As you know, I was recently in Tampa for the weekend to run the Gasparilla Distance Classic (recap here).  I got to spend some quality time with Brittany and her husband Patrick and of course try some great food.  Lucky for me Brittany and Patrick are both Foodies so they knew all the delicious non-chain places to go in Tampa.  So here we go!


Thursday night I arrived pretty late (thanks a lot Spirit…NOT) and Brittany and I went straight to dinner at Cooper’s Hawk.  This restaurant is pretty cool, its a wine bar and a restaurant.  First we did a wine tasting of 8 different wines (about a 2oz pour).  I think we liked all but 1 of the wines so pretty good!  After we had our wine we went and sat down to dinner.  Ok so I totally don’t remember what I had because…hello 8 glasses of wine (which probably equals about 3 full glasses) and I didn’t take a picture.  I DO remember that it was really good though and now I’m sad there isn’t one in Houston.

Friday was Disney day!  One of these days I’m going to do a post on my favorite places to eat at Disney but for right now here are the pictures.  We had lunch at Be Our Guest, margaritas at La Cava Tequila and dinner at Chefs De France.

Saturday was carb-loading day!  We did it a little backwards but for lunch we went to Noble Crust.  They were serving brunch at the time but I decided to get pizza with prosciutto.  Since I could write an entire post on pizza and the qualities that to me make a great pizza I’m going to keep it simple and say this was a solid pizza.  I don’t think it warranted the price point but it was pretty good.  I can and have made better but its much better than Papa John’s 🙂  For dinner we went to Tijuana Flats because I see Brittany check in here all the time so it much be good!  I didn’t take any pictures because I was exhausted but I got the taco salad and it was really good.  So by taco salad I mean a salad inside a taco shell.  There was lettuce, black beans, chicken, salsa, and a dressing of your choice.  It was so big I couldn’t finish it all and it was delicious.  We also got chips and queso (ok) and these chocolate chip cookie dough flautas…AMAZING.


Sunday after the race we got the free race food but that doesn’t really count as a meal now does it.  After showering an all that jazz we went to this new to all of us place called Craft Street Kitchen.  The decor was very interesting, the menu locally sourced and they had a wide variety of local beers.  Brittany got a few of the beers and said she enjoyed them, I don’t drink beer but my mimosa was tasty.  I ordered the chicken and waffles with a side of fried pickles.  The chicken was cooked perfectly, crispy and flavorful.  While the waffle was made well and golden brown, it was only 1/2 of a waffle and not enough for the chicken portion size.  I would have also liked a side of the syrup, the waffle was savory and had a savory topping (salsa verde which was too overpowering for me and I scraped off) but needed more of a sweet kick than what was on the plate.  Don’t get me wrong, I ate the whole thing and enjoyed it, but I do prefer my chicken and waffles on the sweeter side.  The fried pickles were meh, I didn’t love the breading but fried pickles are surprisingly difficult to get right.  Trust me I’ve tried!  I really enjoyed this restaurant and it had the most interesting menu of the places we had been.  If we had one in Houston I would definitely go back.

After brunch it was almost time for my flight so we drove around Tampa for a bit then I headed to the airport for ANOTHER Spirit delayed flight.  Seriously…delays upon delays…but that’s another story for another day.  I don’t know why but I was surprised at all the food options in Tampa and totally understand why Brittany and Patrick go out around town.  I mean…Houston has a lot of great food too but I’m a home body and don’t like to travel downtown 🙂  I had a great time in Tampa and am glad to have friends in such a laid back city.  I cant wait for our next visit.  Until next time Tampa!

gasparilla ship

CHIME IN!!!  Have you been to Tampa?  Do you like chicken and waffles?  Beer or mimosa?

4 thoughts on “Foodie Friday #27 TAMPA FOOD EDITION!!!

  1. I LOVE Chicken & Waffles. But, I feel like a lot of places up here in the North either have no clue what it is, or just don’t execute it correctly. In my humble opinion it needs to be a little sweet, a little spicy & I always top mine with Franks & syrup. Mmm. & now I’m hungry.


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