Workout Recap 3/1-7

Another week and this time almost all of it was at home!  Not as much running this week because I missed Sunday, but that’s ok I don’t mind so much.  Also, bonus, I got to spend some quality time with the puppies!  I needed it probably as much as they did 😀

Tuesday:  Since I ran my “long” run yesterday, today turned into a rest day.  No complaints here though!  This is what I did instead of running…plus 15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.

Wednesday:  Another new to me run, negative splits!  Distance was 3.8 miles with the goal of the second 1/2 of the run to be 30-40 seconds faster than the first 1/2.  My first mile was rough going but each mile from then on was faster.  It was also cool again so it made this run easier…not easy but not stifling 🙂  I also went to the strength training class later that day.  I meant to go to the core class (its not as high intensity) but my brain is fried and I went at the wrong time…oh well it was a great class a lot of arm work which I needed.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.

Thursday:  Rest day from running but I decided to try out a new class, Body Pump.  Funny story…we did a lot of the same exercises as yesterday but with 100 squats.  I knew I was going to be paying for this tomorrow but I’m losing tone and I want it back.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.

Friday:  Rest day and date night!  I did take the pups on a 20 minute walk but it was too gorgeous outside not to!  No stretching or anything tonight, so sore from yesterday!

Saturday:  I was scheduled for 8 miles today…so that didn’t happen…my legs were so sore I did 3.2 instead.  i thought maybe the muscles would wake up and cooperate after a mile or so but that just didn’t happen.  Rather than risk muscle injury, I came home.  I was disappointed but don’t want to get injured so its all ok.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling before going out that night.

Sunday: 2.75 mile recovery run…but more of another run since yesterday didn’t go as planned.  Ended with a 10:32 pace and was thoroughly uneventful…which was totally fine by me.  10 minutes stretching that afternoon.

Monday:  Rest and travel day.  Good thing there was no workout the flight was rough and I ended the day still feeling off.  Thank goodness for earl of sandwich :mrgreen:

CHIME IN!!!  Do you like zone out easy runs?  What’s your favorite sandwich from earls?  How does your body handle a rough flight?


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