Day Trip To Savannah

A few weeks ago I was in Atlanta for work and decided to extend my stay through the weekend so I could check out more of Georgia.  Amy told me Savannah is only 3 hours away from Atlanta so I knew I had to go check it out.  I’ve heard great things about Savannah so now would be the perfect time to drive down and see the sights.

wormsloe 2

Before heading to Savannah I did a little research on things to do and of course places to eat.  With some suggestions from friends and co-workers I made my plan, booked a hotel (didn’t need the stress of driving back that night) and was ready for a great day.

savannah streets

I got up Saturday morning at 5am, yikes I know.  I wanted to get to Wormsloe before 10am to make the most of my day and beat any crowds that might come.  Wormslow is the iconic driveway lined with oaks covered in Spanish moss.

All these pictures I took myself and yay for self-timers and rental cars to prop cameras on!  I spent about an hour here walking around, taking photos, and just enjoying the day.  The weather was perfect, cool and sunny.


After Wormsloe I headed to Savannah’s downtown to check out the squares, river side, parks and everything in between.  I lucked out and got a parking spot right by the fountain (free parking for the win) and left my car there while I wandered around the city.  I found some really beautiful squares, the most beautiful street in America (not sure who votes, but its a thing, google it), classic southern churches, OMAmazing!

I found the square where Forest Gump was filmed, the real park bench is in a museum somewhere but lets pretend its this bench ok?

forest gump bench

I walked down to the river side which was lined with restaurants, boutiques, art galleries and souvenir shops.  I did stop and buy a beautiful piece of art and met the artist who did it.  No picture of it but I love it, much better souvenir than a crappy t-shirt.  I decided to head back to my car and move it downtown since I didn’t want to make that walk in the dark (traveling alone, always be conscious of this kind of thing).  On my way to the car I stopped at Leopold’s (creator of the tutti-frutti ice cream) and got the honey almond cream which was divine but wanted something savory as well so I stopped at a Belgium waffle place for a waffle grilled cheese (delicious) and found the beautiful Catholic church Savannah is known for right across the street!  Oh the things you will find when you walk a city.

I re-parked my car (not free this time boo!) and went over to Jen and Friend’s for a martini.  I wanted to get here early because I knew it would get busy.  At 3pm it was already packed.  I tried the rice krispy martini (meh, but hey its cute) and the blackberry lemon drop (very good).  I liked the martinis and they had a great selection, but at $8-10 a piece, they should be true martinis.  I had 2 and felt like I had just drank soda rather than 2 martinis.

After the martinis I walked around a bit more to get myself hungry for dinner, walked down the river and just enjoyed the day.  When I was ready to eat I headed over to the Olde Pink House.  Everyone I talked to said to come here and while its pretty dang expensive I can see why.  I got there around 5:30pm and was told they didn’t have any openings until 10:30pm!!!!  What!!!  Luckily it was early enough there were still seats at the bar.  I sat at the bar and ate dinner there.  I was a little sad about it until this nice older couple sat next to me and told me all about Ashville (we are going there next month)!  What a small world!  I had the fried mac and cheese jalapeno poppers to start and the duck with cheese grits to finish.  Rather that get dessert I had “The Pink Lady” (lemonade and raspberry vodka) to go, thank you open container laws!

olde pink house

I walked around a little more but it was getting dark so I headed to my car, made a pit stop at the fountain to get some night shots then headed back to the hotel to pass out.  Fhew that was a long day!

nighttime fountain

I got up the next morning around 8am and made my way back to Atlanta and then home but I have to say I was sad to see Savannah in my rear-view mirror.

cotton exchange

I think I might find myself back in Savannah one day for a nice relaxing trip with Joe.  Its about an hour from Hilton Head Island so what a great weekend trip that would be, 1 day in the city 1 day at the beach.  Apparently there is a Rock N Roll in Savannah so that might be a destination race I add to the books 🙂

lamp post

CHIME IN!!!  What do you think about day trips?  Have you been to Savannah before?  Do you know what grits are :)?



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