Workout Recap 3/8-14

Another week of workouts in the books.  This week didn’t go as well as I would have liked owing to some workout room conditions out of my control.  Seriously hotels, a gym needs to be cooler than 80 degrees…..anyway I digress.  Lets talk workouts shall we?!

Tuesday:  Well today was supposed to be an easy run…..but some crazy person at the hotel set the thermostat to 80 degrees and it was MISERABLE!  I ran for 40 minutes at 10:55 pace and was dripping sweat.  My heartrate got a little too high because of the heat and believe me I talked to a manager.  Take note hotels, it is actually a safety hazard to have a gym to hot, people can pass out from heat exhaustion.  10 minutes stretching that night.

Wednesday:  Hills today!  Im happy actually to do hills today because I have a 10k coming up on a hilly course.  I was getting overheated again today though so I cut it 10 minutes short.  I ended doing 5 1/2 hill repeats, 2 minutes at a 5% incline and 2 minutes recovery at 1% incline.  I kept the pace at 10:20 per mile and did a 15 minute warm-up and cool down at 11:00 pace.  I was a little frustrated with getting overheated but at least I got the majority of the workout in.  Luckily the hotel brought me over to Lifetime fitness so I could workout here and not go through the mess that was yesterday.  15 minute stretching at the gym after the workout.

Thursday:  Rest day.  I was so happy to see this on the schedule I haven’t slept well this week and really needed the extra sleep.  I was also traveling back home today so staying off the feet was no problem at all.

Friday:  50 minutes focusing on heart-rate keeping in under 155bpm.  This ended with a 11:20 pace for 4.45 miles.  I did (1) 20 second pickup after each mile (faster than 10k pace) then had to really focus to get the heart-rate back down and maintain it below a 155.  That’s really harder than you think because at some point the body auto-pilot takes over and wants to do its own thing.  I was really surprised how each mile ended around the same pace when focusing on heart-rate though.  It was an interesting exercise and one I’m sure my coach will do again. 15 minutes stretching and foam rolling that night.

Saturday: 7 miles this morning which turned in to 7.25 to get back to the car. Ended with a 11:07 pace. Ran with my group today and remembered why I like running with them, sure made that hour and twenty minutes go by fast. 90 minute massage later that morning. It was rough but I know I’ll feel better Monday!
Sunday:  rest day!  I haven’t had a Sunday off from running in a LONG time!  I slept in, had brunch with Grandma and the fam to celebrate her birthday then did a little chillin outside in the beautiful weather!

Monday:  My sleep issues are catching up with me HARD!  I almost…almost…hit the dismiss button on my alarm for an extra hour and a half of sleep.  I didn’t though, I got up and went for the run.  4 miles watching heart-rate ended with a 10:37 pace.  I was surprised the pace was so quick today seeing as I was so tired but I felt good and the weather was nice so its all good.  I wore my pro compression socks today.  Its still weird to me to not be wearing my normal socks but I like the fun colors and its a nice change. 30 minute core class that afternoon, oh it hurts so good and 15 minutes stretching and foam rolling that night

CHIME IN!!!  How did your workouts go this week?  How do you handle running in the heat?


4 thoughts on “Workout Recap 3/8-14

  1. Who the hell decided that 80 degrees was good enough for a gym?!? I commend you for getting your workouts done in that condition. I would have absolutely died.


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