Vegas Baby!

Seeing as Vegas is one of my favorite weekend getaway destinations, I decided to come up with 5 items to add to a “must pack” list of Vegas essentials. While I was definitely inspired by the, these tips are all straight from me to you, no compensation was given for this post

Vegas Checklist Rachael

That inspired me to share with yall my ideal weekend in Vegas!  First when are you going to go?  I actually enjoy Vegas in the summer.  Nothing screams Vegas Vacation to me more than sitting in a cabana, drink in hand watching all the crazy drunk girls at the pool.  Flights tend to be a little cheaper in the summer as well which doesn’t hurt.  We usually end up flying Southwest because they have great rates but Frontier and Spirit are getting pretty aggressive in their Vegas airfare as well.  While I don’t trust Spirit to get me anywhere on time, there is something to be said for a $100 round-trip ticket.


Now that you made it to Vegas, where to stay?  While I love the Bellagio and all its grandeur I think I’ll have to park myself at the Wynn.  I love the detail in this hotel, the gorgeous pools and the slot floor isn’t bad either 😉  If I cant get the Wynn, I would check out the Aria or the Cosmopolitan.  Both are fairly new hotels, right in the center of the strip and I’ve been dying to check them out.


Drop your bags at the hotel, put on your sundress, sunglasses and tieks and walk the strip.  Bonus!  You can walk around the strip with a drink in hand.  Save some money, buy a soda and pour that travel size alcohol in.  Day drinking is fun and all but don’t forget water.  Seriously, you are in the dessert, hydrate with more than just sugar.


I love walking into the hotels and just walking around.  I’m totally a weirdo and love checking out the details of different hotels.  Of course you HAVE to go to the Bellagio and check out the conservatory and the largest chocolate fountain at Jean Phillipe Patisserie (wouldn’t hurt to get something to snack on either 😉 ). Oh yeah and the fountain show…I mean that kinda goes without saying but its spectacular.  Best free entertainment on the strip!  After you check out the Bellagio make your way over to Caesar’s Palace take a selfie with a Roman and play a few slots if your feeling lucky.  If not, check out the mall and grab a bite to eat.  Next head on down to Treasure Island and check out the Pirate show on the Pirate Ship.  Not sure when/how often they do this daily but again, fun free entertainment.  Cross the street and head up to the Wynn and Encore.  Check out both hotels, the interiors alone are worth the trip.  Grab lunch at the Wynn in one of the many restaurants then head back down to the Venetian.  No passport required this hotel really does its best to transport you to the streets of Venice and I have to say they do a pretty darn good job.  The indoor shopping, gondola rides, and architecture here will keep you entertained for a while.


Head back to the hotel and change into your party dress, grab your clutch and head to dinner.  I KNOW you made reservations at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. They have excellent french cuisine and unparalleled views of the Bellagio Fountains.  After dinner, you know its time to hit a club.  I’m not big on the club scene but its Vegas baby!  They have some of the best clubs in the country!  I love the Foundation Room, but you have to be/know a member to get in…good luck with that.  If you aren’t super VIP like that check out Tao or XS.  These clubs have been around for a while and that should tell you something right there.

bday dinner 2

the girls at foundation

If clubs are absolutely not your thing there are so many shows you wont know what to do with yourself.  I personally am DYING to see Britney Spears (I’ve heard great things) but Cirque du Soleil is not to be missed.  My favorite show is Mystere but “O” also gets rave reviews.  There are also Broadway quality shows like Phantom of the Opera, comedy acts, musicians, Revue shows, Impersonators…the list just goes on!


Fast forward to the next morning.  I’m sure that advil will come in handy today.  Day 2 is always the best day to put on that bikini and hang out by the pool.  Like I said earlier, grab a cabana, a drink and just watch the crazy unfold.  Cabanas are pretty pricey but seriously, if you are going to do Vegas, you better do it right.


After the pool scene has run its course, listen to your killer playlist to get your head in the game and make your way to the casino floor to try your hand at some blackjack, craps, slots, whatever you feel (this might be a good time to don that lucky underwear…if your into that kind of thing)!  I myself enjoy blackjack, craps is a little too intense for me.  Gamble how you like, I play until I’ve doubled my money and get on a losing streak.  So far I’ve come back home with at least what I left with, and that’s fine by me.  If you don’t know anything about gambling or don’t have an awesome uncle to give you tips (thanks Vic!) brush up on the gambling for dummies you  brought with you…but don’t bring it on the casino floor.  Nothing says noob more than a gambling for dummies book.

Once you’ve lost your life savings…just kidding, WON your life savings get yourself a table at Joel Robuchon.  No seriously…if you have a ton of money you HAVE to go here.  If I ever won the lottery I would eat here no question.  However, if you didn’t win your weight in gold you can always take a cab to In N Out Burger 🙂  Check out for more dinner recommendations because, truth be told, its Vegas and restaurants go in and out of style so quickly its hard to keep up.  After dinner check out another show (but seriously, Cirque du Soleil) or head down to Downtown Las Vegas and check out Fremont Street.  Its pretty cool at night and has some cheap slots, food and table games.


Sadly that’s all the time you have…but honestly a weekend is a perfect amount of time in Vegas.  I hope you had fun, I know I sure did 🙂

CHIME IN!!!  What would you do in Vegas?  Have you ever been to Vegas?  Cabana or pool chair?

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