Disney Dining Tips @ Magic Kindgom

Originally I was going to post general tips on dining at Walt Disney World but then I realized each park has its own quirks and really each deserves its own post.  I decided to start with the Magic Kingdom since its the most iconic and a “must do” on every Disney visitor’s list.


In the many times we have been to Magic Kingdom I think at this point there are only 3 restaurants we haven’t been to:  The Plaza, Crystal Palace, and Skipper Canteen (brand new), two of those three I have no interest in either so ha!  This list is by no means a complete list of dining at Magic Kingdom (check out Disney Food Blog for that) but more recommendations of things you should absolutely try the next time you are there.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!


In no particular order,

  • Dole Whip—This delicious commodity can only be found in 3 locations in the continental US, 2 of which are at Walt Disney World.  I love getting a Dole Whip float during the summer.  Its cool, refreshing, and iconically Disney.  You can find Dole Whip at the Aloha Isle in Adventureland by the Magic Carpet ride.  Be prepared to wait in line though, its as popular as some attractions!


  • Churro—but seriously.  This deep-fried cinnamon sugary goodness is like heaven in stick form.  Delicious alone or with the chocolate sauce make sure and grab this snack when walking through Frontierland.  The kiosk can be hard to find though, I’ve only seen the one.  Its in Frontierland in-between the Turkey Leg and Frozen Lemonade kiosks.


  • The Grey Stuff Cupcake—just like the song says, “try the grey stuff its delicious” I highly recommend the grey stuff in cupcake form.  While I’ve never had the grey stuff by itself (its not a menu item, you have to get a nice cast member to bring it out for your celebration) I much prefer the cupcake at lunch to the torte at dinner.  The cupcake has grey stuff in the middle of the cupcake as well as the topping.  Trust me, you will not want to share and you may even want to order 2.  The Master Cupcake (as its called on the menu) is only available at lunch at Be Our Guest.  Be Our Guest restaurant is located in New Fantasyland next to Enchanted Tales with Belle, there’s a castle on top, you really cant miss it 🙂
    • I feel Be Our Guest deserves a sub-bullet point here.  All meal times offer excellent french cuisine.  I haven’t been for breakfast yet but lunch is by far the best lunch option in the park and dinner is on par with Royal Table and is the only restaurant in Magic Kingdom where you can have alcohol with dinner.  I have never had a bad meal here so if you can snag a coveted reservation slot, get it and enjoy!  Oh and dinner, you can meet the Beast after your meal, its the only place you can meet him now and in his ballroom scene finest no less.
  • LeFou’s Brew—I LOVE this drink.  Its a slushy type consistency which is perfect for those hot Florida days.  The drink itself is frozen apple juice with hints of toasted marshmallow topped with a passion fruit-mango foam.  Delicious, sweet (Joe thinks its too sweet but I think its perfect) and refreshing.  It also doesn’t hurt that this drink can only be found inside Gaston’s Tavern so you get a chance to sit in Gaston’s chair and possibly meet the hunky “villain”.  I use quotes because, really, on the villain scale he’s pretty tame.  I digress…get your tail over to Gaston’s Tavern and pick up a stein of LeFou’s brew and thank me later 🙂  Gaston’s Tavern is located in New Fantasyland behind the statue of Gaston.
  • Loaded Mac and Cheese—who needs regular mac and cheese when you can have LOADED mac and cheese.  To my knowledge you can only get this amazing concoction at Friar’s Nook which is only open depending on the crowd levels.  If you are lucky enough to be around and hungry when its doors are open you will need to grab some loaded mac and cheese.  The menu varies from time to time but I have tried the pot roast and bacon cheeseburger versions.  I loved the pot roast version, plenty of meat, creamy mac and cheese, a very filling snack.  I had it for a meal it was so filling actually.  Joe had the cheeseburger version and said it was pretty good but also liked my pot roast better.  I think the new chicken barbecue is going to be the real winner though.  There is just something about the barbecue sauce/mac and cheese combo that I love.  Friar’s Nook is located in Fantasyland right around the corner from Princess Fairytale hall.

pot roast mac and cheese

  • Casey’s Corner-–The whole restaurant is on here rather than just one item because its really that good of a quick service locations.  Gone are the days of giant hot dogs for minimal prices, but Casey’s still stands the test of time.  Re-vamping their menu to include more specialty dogs there really isn’t anything here I don’t like.  Personally I love the barbecue slaw dog, but you really have to be in the mood for that much food.  The fries here are great, the regular hot dog is solid but most people I know go crazy for the corn-dog nuggets.  I don’t like corn-dogs so I don’t prefer them but many people rave about them.  Sad news—thanks to the silly government you cant get hot cheese here anymore but that doesn’t mean the hot dogs still aren’t worth a trip.  Because of the location (right on the end of main street with perfect views of the castle) the lines here get pretty busy but they move quickly.  Casey’s is located at the end of Main Street.  Grab a dog, a seat on the lawn and enjoy the hopefully nice day.

barbecue dog

  • Cinderella’s Royal Table—While I have only been here a few times, eating inside Cinderella’s castle is an experience all by itself.  Skip breakfast, instead opt for lunch or dinner.  Preferably dinner because you can see the fireworks if you time it right and get a good seat.  I’m not going to say much about the food itself because the menu does change seasonally but what I will say is its a character dining experience you need to have at least once.  My favorite picture from our bridal shoot was actually taken on the steps to the dining area.  Seriously cool experience.  Cinderella’s Royal Table is located inside the castle, there is a little entrance on the back right side opposite Bibbity-Boppity-Botique.  Advanced dining reservations are a must, don’t expect to walk up and get a table.  Characters do change from time to time but you will always get to meet Cinderella before your meal.



  • Main Street Bakery—Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways.  Rick Krispy treats, macarons, cupcakes, chocolate covered s’mores, fudge, caramel apples…the list just goes on and on.  We always stop at the bakery for at least a chocolate covered s’more for the road.  Its always fun to stop in and see what new creations they have, watch the caramel apple makers, and of course grab a few treats.  Main Street bakery is located, duh on main street very close to the main entrance.  Follow your nose and you cant miss it 🙂  Actually, in the below picture with the macaron its behind my head on the right!


  • Sleepy Hollow Waffles—While it seems for now the amazing savory waffles have vacated the menu, you can still get the nutella and fresh fruit waffle.  Filling enough to be a meal these waffles really are worth the price paid.  Add to that the seasonal waffles (red velvet around valentine’s, pumpkin spice around thanksgiving etc) offered later in the day and you truly have a hidden gem.  Sitting on the outskirts of Frontierland hidden in with storefronts, blink and you miss it Sleepy Hollow is a great quick service location to grab a bite.  On top of that it has one of the best views of the castle.  I’m all about great places to stare at the castle 🙂  This is also the only place you can get a homemade ice cream sandwich, but I prefer the waffle.
  • Loaded Waffle Fries—Truth be told I’ve never actually had these, but I see them crop up on food blogs from time to time and really want to try it.  Like Friar’s Nook this location is only open during peak seasons and even less frequently than Friar’s so you have even less of a chance of eating here.  Why  bring it up then?  So that when you see this space open you go try the waffle fries and report back of course!  Below is a menu from one recent opening.  I know you want to get your hands on some loaded waffle fries just as much as I do.  I cant even decide which one I would try they all sound delicious.  These fries can be found, again seasonally, at the Golden Oak Outpost in-between Adventureland and Frontierland close to Splash Mountain.

There you have it, my list of dining spots at Magic Kingdom, next up Animal Kingdom!

CHIME IN!!!  What is your favorite thing to eat at Magic Kingdom?  Have you tried the waffle fries?  What’s your favorite spot to check out the castle?


5 thoughts on “Disney Dining Tips @ Magic Kindgom

  1. Actually my favorite restaurant in Magic Kingdom is Crystal Palace! To each her own… I love the spoon bread and the garlic mashed potatoes. They have the Macaroni and Cheese with Pulled Pork at Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner too in DHS. They used to have a Buffalo Chicken topped one too but that has been discontinued. Love the wedding picture! Gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love disney! I miss it so much. I hope to go back soon and I will definitely be using your blog as a resource.

    Did you get a chance to run while you were there? I was wondering if you had discovered any cool trails or anything like that?

    Love your blog, thanks for posting!!


    1. thank you so much! Im hoping to go back soon as well!! i like to run the boardwalk when Im staying at the boardwalk resorts, all star has a trail but its not very long. saratoga and old key west have plenty of sidewalk to run at least 3 miles. you will do plenty of walking though while your there 🙂


  3. Those loaded waffle fries & the slaw dawg look delicious.

    I actually don’t think I had a Dole Whip when I was at Disney, but I did have one on the Dole Plantation when I visited Hawaii. Pretty good, but not sure I understand the fascination from everyone I meet. Maybe just because you can’t get them everywhere? I personally would rather just eat pineapple. Haha.

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