Running Lately (TOL #28)

I noticed that most of my posts lately have been more travel related than running.  Honestly, I don’t mind because I have the wanderlust bug bad and love sharing my travels with you.  With that being said, my life is still full of running and training I just don’t think its an interesting as other posts I’ve done.  In true thinking out loud style let’s do a run down of what’s going on with my running lately!

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  1. I’m still with my running coach, she is still giving me widely varied workouts (which you can see from my workout recaps) and I’m still happy with my decision to hire her in the first place (see post on that here).

470e2bde13c7aa367f3a66c9d20d38e12. I don’t have any big races until Disneyland Paris Half in September so no big goals coming up or anything exciting like that.  Which is also probably why there isn’t much to talk about running wise.

disneyland paris half3.  I do have a 10k coming up that is more for run though than anything else.  Its in a hilly part of Texas but the reward is all you can eat BlueBell ice cream when you are done!  I will be posting my goals and a recap of that soon but its a 10k so not much training needed for that.

bluebell fun run4.  Not much training for the 10k because some of my weekday runs are close to 5 miles as is.  Since a 10k is 6.2 miles its not that much of a stretch to reach that goal.  Saturday runs are coming to the double digits so again, not hard to do the 10k distance.

10k meme5.  I’m enjoying tempo runs and speed work more than I thought I would.  Seeing 50 minutes of running with tempo paces seems scary when reading it but when I’m out there doing it I feel like the time goes by so much faster.  I’m just thinking about the current set I’m running, then catching my breath, then the next set.  Its not like a long run where sometimes its about counting down the minutes.  You know we have all been there 🙂

slow_and_steady_funny_meme6.  Speaking of long runs…anyone else worried about the heat?  We didn’t get a winter at all down south which worries me greatly about high summer temps.  On Sundays I have been waking up later to get those runs done when the sun is up to try my best to get the body adjusted to the sun.  Don’t know if that’s good or not but hey that’s what I’m doing right now.

so-damn-hot-outside-gif7.  I don’t take the dogs much on runs anymore.  Its sad but also hard to train when you have to stop and pick up after the dogs.  Recovery runs yes I bring them but any other run I usually go alone.  I know Oreo gets upset with this but Joe has started going on walks daily after work so they are still getting their exercise thankfully.

the puppies8.  I’m getting lonely running.  I’m at a weird pace, even in races that people are either faster or slower than me.  This means that most times I’m running by myself which is lonely and no one to talk to.  Anyone in the Spring/Woodlands TX area want to meet up for runs 😀


9.  How is your workout life going?


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  1. My workout life has slowed down a little because of a cold I had last week, and a lack of motivation to get going this week. Time to change that and get moving in April!

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    1. yeah sometimes getting back in the groove can be hard! but april is a great month to run, all the spring flowers!


  2. Honestly, my spring half is coming up soon. But I’m sort of already over it since it’s not a goal race. Just want to get it over with so I can run on my terms & just get back to loving it. But I do always love my Saturday running group. It’s the only time I really get to run with people & it really just makes the miles fly by.

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    1. i know the feeling! i think i want to take a week off im feeling a little burned out! i do like my saturday group as well they are so friendly and talk more than me so i dont have to worry about being out of breath lol


  3. I’ve been doing a lot of solo runs lately too and can completely related to wanting some company. Lately it has either been a hard workout that I need to do alone or I know I need to take it really easy during my run so I can make it through my next hard workout. Whenever I run with friends I tend to end up running faster than intended.

    All you can eat ice cream sounds like the best post race treat! What a fun race!

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    1. your right doing a hard workout is best done alone i think. its nice to have someone to push you but at the same time its nice to make those hard workouts your own and do them how your body is telling you to

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