Workout Recap 3/29-4/4

Sugar detox week 2, crappy running week 2 the saga continues.  I feel like a terrible movie plot line should go here but I’m not that talented of a writer so just imagine some stupid “In a world….” nonsense here.

Tuesday:  I was supposed to go to track night today.  I have every intention of going to track…until about 2 hours before.  Y’all I seriously hate going to any kind of event where I don’t know anyone by myself.  I’m a little ashamed to admit that I chickened out today and am going to ask my coach to not do these in the future.  I know I should just suck it up but I think it may be some kind of social anxiety that I just don’t want to deal with right now.

Wednesday:  Today was a recovery run…recovery from  nothing apparently but whatever.  The goal was to keep my heart rate in zone 1 (135-143) for the whole run but with a 10:40 pace for 40 minutes which worked out to be around 3.75 miles.  Yeah I know that pace sounds wonky, it is and I was no where near that.  I ate a honey stinger waffle (yes I am aware they are not sugar detox approved but the approved list stuff just isn’t cutting it) before the run to get some kind of energy and while it helped the legs my heart rate would not stay below zone 2 (144-154) and I had to struggle to keep it below zone 3 (155-161).  I ended with a 12:20 pace.  Yikes I know.  This sugar detox is making my body work so much harder and is also making me realize how much running relies on carbs.  Oh also, it was drizzling and really windy so all that wetness, yeah that’s rain.  At least it kept me cool!  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.

morning run

Thursday:  A tempo run today so I decided to take it to the treadmill to kinda force my legs to go the pace that was set.  30 minutes before the run I had another honey stinger waffle to give me a boost and headed to the gym.  To say I was struggling from the start would be an understatement.  I had the warm-up pace at 11:06 and was already concerned for the rest of the run.  Put the tempo pace at 8:57 and settled in for the 10 minutes…I only made it to 8, took it back down to 11:06 and actually stopped the treadmill for 1 minute to catch my breath.  This elevated heart rate thing is no joke!  Got back to running at the 11:06 for 12 minutes then did another tempo this time at 9:15 pace but only got 5 minutes out of me this time then did a 5 minute cook down at 11:06 then took it down 5 notches/minute to cool down even further.  Total time was 40 minutes for 3.85 miles (not including the last 5 minutes of cool down).  The goal was 50 minutes at 5.25 miles.  When I workout at the gym I try and keep my workouts at 40 minutes to get my cool down/stretch/shower time so the workout would have been short anyway.  It was a rough run but I got it done.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.

Friday:  Rest day!!!  I really want a rest week but I have a 10k to prep for.  Instead, this is what we do on rest day 🙂

Saturday:  8.75 miles today.  Really concerned about it seeing how horribly last week went.  I ate 1/2 a bagel with cream cheese last night and had a banana with almond butter pre-run o try and get more carbs into my system.  Seemed to have gone pretty well I was able to get the 8.75 miles done but not all 10 of the 30 second pick-ups that were scheduled.  I did 5 then my legs told me they were totally done.  At 50 minutes I took a honey stinger gold gel and finished the run with an average pace of 11:03…not bad right!  I was surprised this run was so much better than the last but I did fuel differently this time so that probably had a lot to do with it.  Also, what a gorgeous day to go for a run and it was pretty cool out too!  90 minute massage later that morning which was fantastic!


Sunday:  Recovery run today for 53 minutes.  Again had my zone 1 pace at a 10:46 pace but there is still no way that’s going to happen.  Ended with 4.7 miles at a 11:13 pace but all in zone 2.  I don’t think I can run in zone 1, my heartrate seems to always hover around 151-158 but whatever.  It was another gorgeous day and look I found a sign basically exactly like something my dad says.  It cracked me up 🙂  15 minute foam rolling / stretching that night.

Monday:  Rest day!  I didn’t even go to the gym to do my regular gym monday workout what!  I know, but until the detox is done no extra workouts for me.  I did this instead, must better use of my time don’t you think 🙂

CHIME IN!!!  How was your week?  Is it getting warm where you are?  Track workouts, love them or leave them?


2 thoughts on “Workout Recap 3/29-4/4

  1. I program all of my track workouts on my Garmin ahead of time and just run them on the road/trail/whatever. I figure I’m not going to be racing on a track, so I might as well practice running fast in the environment where I’ll actually be racing.

    I sometimes get nervous when meeting new people or going to new places, but every single person I’ve met through running has been super nice and welcoming. Runners are just great people 🙂


    1. oh that sounds cool, my fitbit you cant program workouts but that sounds much easier. i tend to forget parts of the workout while im doing it. your so right that track isnt where you will actually be racing i much prefer doing that work on the road 🙂 your right runners are great people, im just a scardy cat lol


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