Sugar Detox Week 1 (TOL #29)

Lets talk Sugar Detox on this fine Thursday.  Linking up with Amanda to think out loud (check out the full post here)!


I may have mentioned but Monday the 21st Joe and I started this Sugar Detox.  Its a 21 day program that is designed to make your body stop craving sugar and run off of fat instead of sugar.  You can read all about it here.


I’ve been wanting to try and get better about the whole “no sugar” thing and thought this would be a good time to start.  I’ve heard from so many people how cutting sugar from their diet has helped them lose so much weight even without working out.  I know this is true because so many studies show 80% of losing weight is in what you eat.  While working out absolutely has health benefits and helps accelerate the weight loss process, what you eat plays a huge part.  Think about it, if you do some high intensity workout and burn 500 calories but go home and eat a cheeseburger, fries and a milkshake then its almost like your workout was a total waste.

With that being said, I’ve realized all the travel food has caught up with me and my pants are a little too tight.  I thought this would be a good way to change up the metabolism and get the body back in gear.  Lets talk week 1!

Day Before Start:  OMG so much meal prep!  From the spice blends, to snacks, to breakfast and first lunch I was cooking from 10am to 7pm.  Also, holy crap the grocery bill was $280 not including the specialty things I had to get on Amazon (coconut flour, coconut aminos, what?!?!).  I was not prepared for the big grocery bill, but I’m committed to this and its only 2 more weeks of big grocery bills so its ok right?

homemade jerky

Day 1:  I’m worried about the amount of fat I’m eating.  My stomach doesn’t do well with high fat so I’m concerned.  Breakfast turned out to be a little too much in the fat department and my stomach had some issues.  I get hungry but the snacks and meals taste good and the green apple is a nice substitute from my normal apple.  Things are going ok.

apple and tea

Day 2:  I wake up hungry, I go to work hungry, I eat and I’m still hungry.  I’m concerned I’m not getting enough carbs for the workouts I’m doing.  I also slept like crap last night so that probably doesn’t help the negative feelings.  All the meals are still tasting good though so that’s a big bonus.  I was worried the food wasn’t going to taste as good but so far I’m a happy camper.

im hungry

Day 3:  Woke up hungry and stayed that way almost all day.  I slept like crap again but this morning felt very fatigued.  Not sure if its the lack of sleep, the adjustment to new food or both.  Feeling a little light headed after working out but the nut mix I brought helped.  Again meals were great but feeling so hungry its stupid.  I’ve also been drinking a lot of tea which helps but makes me miss my sugar to bring out the sweetness in the tea.

nut mix

Day 4:  In case you didn’t already notice a common thread, its that I’m hungry.  I went to sleep hungry, woke up hungry and stayed that way pretty much all day.  I don’t have any sugar cravings or headaches but I do want a baguette something fierce!  I’m pretty surprised I don’t want sugar but not surprised I want bread.  I’m already looking at a recipe in the book that simulates bread for my long run this weekend.  I may have almost caved and eaten a whole tablespoon of nutella straight from the jar but I didn’t.  Small wins people!  Check out the recipes though, easy to read and every recipe has a picture.  Love when I can see what the end product is going to look like.


Day 5:  I’m not starving today!  Yay!  Today is also a rest day for workouts so that will probably help as well.  Luckily I also have a substantial lunch and dinner planned for today which should fill my belly for the long run tomorrow.  9.25 miles on tap tomorrow has me worried about my fueling.  I have decided during my run I’m going to stick with taking a gel at about the 45 minute mark.  Yes the gels are largely carbs but I really don’t want to pass out on the trails and I don’t think a long run is a great time to experiment with crazy non-sugar/carb things.  I also may be spending too much time obsessing about this…probably doesn’t help the hungry feelings either.  The struggle is real yall.

Day 6: My nephew was born last night! I’m house sitting at my brothers today but I came prepared with food. I wasn’t as hungry today but I am getting sick of meat. Well, ground meat to be exact. Starting to get some headaches but I think that’s more stress than anything else.  In all honesty I did have a glass of wine today because I may have almost had an anxiety attack.  The stress of driving back and forth from my brothers house to the things I had planned today, to all the cooking to the general mess that is my house right now…it was all a little much so I had a 4oz glass of wine.  Probably not on the sugar detox approved list but otherwise I was going to lose my mind.


Day 7:  Pre-running fueling went ok but I can totally tell my body is struggling with the lack of carbs.  I had a decent morning breakfast, banana with almond butter post workout, breakfast “sandwich” post shower, then lunch a snack and dinner.  That sounds like a lot of food and I wasn’t as hungry today but based on the run I know this type of diet isn’t going to work for me on a long haul.  My body is craving bread like nobody’s business.  I also started meal prepping again for this week.  The first picture of this post you can see a sample grocery list and below is a picture of all the changes I make.  I think overall the plan does a good job but there is a lot of waste if you stick 100% to it.  Leftovers not being used all the way, produce being bought but not all of it used or re-purposed for another recipe.  I hate waste so this week I tried to plan a little better and ended up spending less money on groceries yay!  Sorry the picture is the wrong way, wordpress would not stop rotating it.


End of Week 1 thoughts:  I didn’t get headaches like I thought I would, my face is looking ok and no really terrible digestive issues.  My energy levels are pretty low, I’m hungry almost constantly and I’m dying for pizza but surprisingly not sugar.  I’m getting really sick of cooking everyday and the mess that comes with that.  The only reason I want to quit the detox is because its a time suck (all the cooking, cleaning, prepping) more than its rough on the body.  Day 7 started feeling bloated but not much else going on in that department.  We will see how week 2 goes.

CHIME IN!!!  Ever done a detox before?  Do you think you could do it?  What do you crave more bread or sugar?


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  1. I’m SO happy I saw this! I literally said to my husband today that I’m going to start a sugar detox on Monday – I want to see if it could help my eczema!

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    1. i’ve heard getting off of sugar can help a whole host of health issues. good luck i hope it helps!!


  2. Wow that sounds really hard! Great job sticking with it! I think you totally deserved that little glass of wine:)


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