BlueBell 10k Fun Run Goals

What’s this?!  A post on Saturday?!  I know but I wanted to keep with posting race goals and since my race is today I wanted to make sure they were live!!!!  Today I’m running the BlueBell Fun Run in Brenham, TX.  Here is the link to the race page in case you are interested.  I’m pretty excited for another low key local run.  The below is a medal from a previous run but I hope it looks the same, I love the BlueBell carton!

bluebell fun run

Even though its a 10k and more for fun than anything else I still have a few goals for this race.

  • Have fun!  It is a fun run after all so enjoy it!
  • Don’t kill myself on the hills.  While I don’t know exactly what the course is going to be like, I would like to be able to walk normal after the run.
  • Hit in the range of a 1:05:00.  That’s not a PR but it is keeping with the pace I have been doing for the past few months.  With the sugar detox draining my cardio energy this may turn out to be a stretch.
  • If I’m close, a 59:00 would be cool.  That’s a PR but again since I don’t know the terrain and if its a road or trail race this may not happen.  Semi-flat road race I could probably hit this.
  • Eat some ice cream!  Why run a BlueBell race if you aren’t going to enjoy the refreshments after!  I will have at least 1 to say good-bye to the sugar detox and a thanks for a good race.


No fancy goals this time since its more for fun than anything else.  The race is relatively close to where I live (an hour away) so Ill get to sleep in my own bed, eat at home and come shower in my own shower when its all over.  All big  bonuses when most of my races are travel ones.  I plan on having a bagel with peanut butter before the race to get my carb intake up.  I also plan on taking a gel 15 minutes before the race to help with energy levels.  Getting off this sugar detox 2 days early stinks but not passing out during a race is even more important to me.

CHIME IN!!!  Do you make race goals for shorter distances?  What was the last fun run you did?  Do you have Bluebell where you live?

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