Workout Recap 4/5-4/11

Last week of the sugar detox and a 10k fun run with hills!  What a week it was.

Tuesday:  4x3min intervals at faster than race day pace (8:13 was the goal).  15 minute warm-up then intervals with 2 minutes rest in-between each then another 15 minute cool down.  The intervals went fine and thanks to the bagel with almond butter the night before and gel that morning my energy levels were doing fine.  I had a hard time though getting the pace right.  My watch for some reason had a serious lag so it wasn’t until about 1:45 minutes into the 3 minutes that the pace registered so that threw me off.  I tried to run off of feel instead and that went ok.  The intervals were 7:56, 8:05, 8:13, 8:18.  I did stop after the 3rd to catch me breath but only for a minute then it was back to running.  Luckily it was a beautifully cool morning and low humidity so I wasn’t dying by the end.  April weather please stay like this forever.  I did see a giant raccoon this morning but he hid in a storm drain while I passed so it was all good no rabies for me 😀  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.

Wednesday:  Recovery run today with 40 min time keeping heartrate in zone 1.  This turned into a 11:20 pace but for once I was actually able to keep my heartrate in zone 1 the whole run.  In the past that time was with my heartrate going into zone 2 (above 150) so that’s an improvement.  Coach still says my zone 1 should be around a 10:40 pace but I just have to laugh at that because ha!  Another cool morning, nothing special to report, just a normal run.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.

Thursday:  Rest day!  Since I have a race on Saturday instead of Sunday today is off with a small run tomorrow to shake out.  No complaints here, I really needed a sleep in day.  Plus less time running means more time snuggling with this guy.  Love my pup.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.  Gotta keep my left hip happy!

Friday:  Quick 20 minutes run today with 4×30 second pick ups at 10k pace.  Goal was a shake-out run before race day.  No issues today, it was great weather and I didn’t feel overly tired.  Ended with a 10:14 pace which is fine.  I plan on eating a bagel tonight to prepare for tomorrow.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.  Oh and look I’m super official now and have a team running shirt!

Saturday:  Its race day yall!  Recap coming but to give you the highlights, I got a PR with some evil hills, ate some bluebell post race and had a crazy rest of the day which included zero rest for the legs.

Sunday:  Rest day!  Oh man to sleep in on a Sunday just makes me happy.  I got up when I wanted to, had a leisurely morning then headed over to my dad’s to spend time with my uncle who is in town only for a few days.  I need more easy days like this in my life.

Monday:  30 minutes for 2.75 miles was scheduled today and I did all of 9 minutes.  Wow my left knee is NOT happy about the pounding it took saturday.  My skin is also acting up but really that comes as no surprise seeing how little my body was prepared for that kind of racing condition.  My coach is going to adjust training for the rest of the week to keep me injury free.

CHIME IN!!!  How did your workouts go this week?  See any crazy wildlife on your runs?  Do you like interval training?

2 thoughts on “Workout Recap 4/5-4/11

  1. I saw 4 deer last week on one of my runs. In a park in the middle of town. For the most part they just ignored me and kept eating grass while I walked maybe 10-15 feet away from them. I slowed down so I wouldn’t spook them (plus I was tired!).

    Love the gif of you racing! Can’t wait for your full recap and congrats on your PR!

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