WIWW #37

Its a gloomy day here in Houston and apparently my outfit matches the skies.  I don’t have anything whitty or fun to say today, you know how gloomy days go.  Today would be the perfect day to curl up in my comfy chairs with a cup of hot tea and watch some movies.  I wish there was some kind of “its a crappy day so take the day off for free” kind of thing.  That would be like the best thing ever!  Someone make that happy m-kay?!

I bought this skirt a while back because it reminded me of Sleeping Beauty…the owl…the colors…yeah I know its a stretch.  I went through a DisneyBound (check it out here) phase and tried to make it work but I’m not creative enough with clothes for that kind of thing.  So now I have a cute owl skirt that I don’t always know what to wear with…anyone else have clothes in their closet like that?  Without further ado…I give you…hodge podge outfit 😀

Top:  Express

Cami:  Express

Skirt:  ModCloth

Necklace:  Etsy

Earrings: Kendra Scott

Shoes:  Tieks

CHIME IN!!!  Do you have pieces in your closet you don’t really know what to do with?  Ever DisneyBounded before?  What do you like to do in gloomy weather?


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