Sugar Detox Week 2 (TOL #30)

Linking up with Amanda to talk sugar detox thinking out loud style.  See full linkup here.


Continuing on this journey that is a sugar detox.  Week 2 started today and I feel a little more prepared than last week (check out week 1 here and the sugar detox here).  Although my fridge is so full of produce and meat I barely have room for anything else.  Luckily this week was a little smaller grocery bill so I’m not freaking out as badly.  Lets talk how it went this week shall we?  Below is snack prep yay!


Day 8:  Grouch Rachael is coming out.  I can feel her creeping to the surface and the only thing that can stop her is pizza.  After a week of being non-stop hungry I’m not surprised.  I am surprised it took so long for the grouch to make an appearance so there is something to be said for that.  I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the meals we are making with only 3 of the almost 20 recipes being not good.  For a snack this week we made faux-caccia bread which is probably as close as I’m going to get to pizza for the next 2 weeks.  It was pretty good, as far as imitation bread goes 🙂  Breakfast: tomato-basil quiche.  Lunch: leftover paella.  Dinner: Ginger-garlic beef and broccoli with cilantro cauli-rice.  Snack:  Apple with almond butter and nut mix.


Day 9:  I cracked a little today.  Its getting really hard not to enjoy pizza, pasta, english muffins…you know staples in my diet.  I’m now officially sick of meat and veggies.  Its not to say the recipes don’t taste good, because they are very tasty, its just…UGH…so much meat and veggies.  I want to quit so bad, I have no energy, I’m hungry again, I want a bagel.  Send help now!  On the plus side Joe says he is feeling better and his clothes are fitting better so that gives me hope to keep going if not for me then in support of him.  The below picture is of dinner…tell me it doesn’t look like a freaking worm.  Tasted good but yuck it looks nasty.  Breakfast:  tomato-basil quiche.  Lunch:  leftover ginger-garlic beef and broccoli.  Dinner:  Double pork tenderloin with green apple and fennel salad and quinoia.  Snack:  Apple with almond butter and banola with coconut milk.

double pork tenderloin

Day 10:  Today wasn’t so bad in terms of being hungry but I did have a honey stinger waffle before my 40 minute run.  I know its not part of the approved list but I needed something to help with the fatigue during my runs.  We had fish for dinner today which was a MUCH needed change from all the pork/beef.  I didn’t take a picture of it though but trust me it was good.  Below is a snack from the other day, banola (banana no grain granola) with coconut milk which is as close to cereal as I’m going to get right now.  Breakfast:  Pumpkin pancakes with sausage pattie.  Lunch:  leftover double pork tenderloin.  Dinner:  Lemon sole with almonds and thyme with roasted cauliflower soup.  Snack:  apple with almond butter and nut mix.

banola and coconut milk

Day 11:  The hangry beast wasn’t so bad today but the craving for non-meat dishes is getting worse.  On the non-detox we mix up pasta, burgers, meats, you know a good variety of types of food.  Right now I feel like everything is meat meat meat.  Its reminiscent of Adam from Man vs. Food but without the meat sweats 😛  I was so close to getting an english muffin from the pantry today.  I’m finding though that I have better self control than I thought I would.  I didn’t throw away all the “bad list” foods because food is money and I don’t throw away money.  Mind over matter is going well if I do say so myself!  Because I’m slightly obsessed, here is a more in bloom picture of my wisteria!  Y’all it smells divine.  Breakfast:  Pumpkin pancakes with sausage patty.  Lunch:  leftover lemon sole.  Dinner:  Greek style meatballs with greek tomato and cucumber salad.  Snack:  apple with almond butter and faux-caccia.


Day 12:  No workouts today so wasn’t as hungry as usual…until lunch when I forgot to bring half of my lunch and was starving until I got home!  Ugh, that stinks forgetting food.  Dinner was good, but I had 1/2 a bagel with cream cheese to prep for my run tomorrow.  Its over an hour and I know from last week that I will need more carbs in my system.  I felt a little guilty about it but I don’t want to pass out during the run so here we are. Since dinner was relatively easy to make and we have some really nice weather right now, Im sitting outside!  Gotta enjoy it as long as it lasts!  Breakfast:  pumpkin pancakes with sausage patty.  Lunch:  leftover greek meatballs.  Dinner:  Leftover pork tenderloin (this made about 2 servings more than what the recipe called for so we had a lot of extra leftovers this week).  Snack:  apple with almond butter and faux-caccia.

beautifuul day

Day 13:  I ate a lot of food today (thank you 9mile run) but kept it all to “approved” foods except for the gel on the run.  I got really hungry at night and made a coconut milk smoothie (the canned coconut milk) but I wont be doing that again…it did not sit well with my stomach.  So much so that I was worried about going on the run in the morning.  Luckily it passed and I didn’t get sick yay!  Also—I made spaghetti squash with bolognese for dinner and it was delicious.  However, splitting a spaghetti squash in half is so hard!  i thought I was going to break my knife!!!  Pre-workout:  banana with almond butter.  Breakfast:  green apple breakfast sausage and carrot sticks.  Lunch:  leftover pork tenderloin.  Dinner:  spaghetti squash bolognese  Snack:  banola with coconut milk and coconut milk smoothie with lime juice.

spaghetti squash

Day 14:  From my run yesterday I was pretty hungry today.  I had a honey stinger before my run and then regular sugar detox food the rest of the day.  I was STARVING by noon and had a bagel, figured two longer runs back to back needed some carbs.  Had a great dinner but was hungry again so had another honey stinger waffle.  Yup that’s too many things off the sugar detox list.  I’m not sad about it though, the foods on the list just aren’t cutting it and I’m not about to pass out because of starvation (drama queen I know).   I didn’t have as much meal prep today as last week so I got to enjoy some DOCTOR WHO!!!  Its off of Netflix but is available for Amazon Prime, score 1 for Amazon!!  Pre-run:  Honey stinger waffle.  Breakfast:  breakfast sausage with carrot sticks.  Lunch:  leftover spaghetti squash.  Dinner:  cinnamon grilled pork chops with crumb-topped brussel sprouts.  Snack:  bagel with almond butter, honey stinger waffle.

Final thoughts for this week:  I’m actually happy with how this week has gone.  Yes I ate some things not on the approved list but only to prepare for long hard runs.  I don’t feel like this is any kind of failure I just wish there were some carb modifications other than rice.  Rice just isn’t cutting it.  Being starving has come and gone this week and I cant quite figure out what fills me up more than other things…probably because I haven’t been paying much attention to that but still.  I’m still loving the green apple / almond butter combo and have found a new love in bananas and almond butter, which actually might be my new long run morning pre-fuel.  I’m still surprised how much I don’t crave sugar.  Not sad about this at all, but I am craving a meatball sub like nobody’s business!!!

CHIME IN!!!  Do you get hangry?  What do you think about a sugar detox?  Could you give you bread?



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  1. I could never do this! I know you mentioned needed to cheat in order to properly fuel your runs, but damn girl! You are doing an amazing job! I would have quit after one meal (although that might be because I don’t eat meat and this type of cleanse would leave me with almost nothing to eat that and I seriously love carbs!).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks! yeah if you dont eat meat this would probably be terrible for you! i eat meat and i was getting sick of it

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You are much stronger than I would be! I gave up sugar on Monday, but only sugar – not carbs or fruit. I don’t think I could do it!

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  3. kristinegift says:

    You are a trooper! I could never do this. I live on carbs (according to MFP that’s where 50-60% of my calories come from) and I would go crazy without my evening gummy bears + chocolate snacktime. Some of those recipes sound really good though… but so much meat! Oi vey!


    1. i missed my nightly pineapple with nutella that was rough…but yes so much meat…if i dont eat again for like a week i wont be sad about it lol

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  4. That must be so hard to do a sugar detox! Looks like your doing pretty well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you! it was rough but was a great learning experience for us for sure!


  5. Summer says:

    Did you try microwaving the spaghetti squash before splitting it? It doesn’t take much but it can help soften it to split. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WHAT! no! I almost cut a finger off trying to get that stupid thing open! thanks Ill remember for next time…i actually really like spaghetti squash now 🙂


  6. Diana says:

    Wow keep up the excellent work! I’ve been really wanting to do a sugar detox.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks! i think its a great thing to try out it nothing else really makes you realize how much sugar we consume on a daily basis


  7. Odell says:

    Hi there, just was aware of your weblog thru Google, and located that it is truly informative. I’m going to watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate in the event you continue this in future. Numerous folks will likely be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!


  8. Carly Clark says:

    Hey what recipe did you use for your banola? sounds delish(;

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i’ll work that into a post for you! i dont have the recipe Im traveling right now but i will definitely share it!


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