Disney Dining Tips @ Epcot

Oh how I love Epcot.  With the various festivals throughout the year (food and wine post here, Christmas post here), all the delicious food and beautiful landscaping its my favorite way to spend a day with the least amount of screaming children.  For a day of more adult fun Epcot is the place to be.  Now that’s not to say there aren’t things for kids to do, there are, its just more of an adult park than the other 3.


With its 11 countries, there is plenty to offer cuisine wise, not to mention get your drink and snack on.  Since Epcot has the most to offer when it comes to food I’m doing things a little different with this post and breaking it down into sections.


  • Beer—look no further than Germany.  Ok well you may want to look further but for some of the best beers and served cold you need to come to Germany.  There are 2 places where you can get beer and both take the service seriously.  I don’t drink beer but all my travel friends that do will always get a beer from Germany.  Always…that’s not an exaggeration.  You can find beer pretty much anywhere in Germany, there is a beer car as well as Sommerfest, a small counter service in the back of Germany.

Jojo beer

  • Frozen Slush—  Oh frozen alcoholic slushies where have you been all my life.  These delicious treats are found only in France with some seasonal flavors popping up for festivals.  I like the Grey Goose Citron the best but the Grand Marnier is a top favorite of a lot of people.  These also now come in a “double” so you don’t have to run out as fast!  You can only find these slushies in France at the Champagne and Wine kiosk outside of Chef’s de France by the water.


  • Malestrom Margarita—oh Malestrom you were a strange ride with a cult following forever memorialized as a delicious margarita.  I really enjoy this margarita (served on the rocks) but to be honest there are many great margaritas at La Cava del Tequila inside the pyramid in Mexico.  These margaritas are much better than the ones you will find outside in the kiosk, so skip that line, come inside the pyramid and get a real, honest to goodness margarita.  Or try a tequila flight if you feel up to it!  You really cant go wrong here.  Plus, you can take the drink to-go so you can still walk around the parks while enjoying your deliciously strong margarita 🙂

margarita in mexico

  • Wine—Italy has a great selection of wines with my favorite being Rosa Regale.  While there is wine is almost every country, Italy has the best selection (in my opinion) and it doesn’t hurt I love the accent.  There is also limoncello and some Disney specifically made wines which are pretty good too.  Stop in La Bottega Italiana for a glass, a bottle or hey even some Italian treats.  This is technically a shop and not a dining location, and is at the front of the Italy section.

wine in italy

  • Sake—While I’m not a fan of the drink, there is a great sake bar inside the Japan pavilion shops.  Technically operated by a company that is not Disney there are many varieties of sake to choose from, hot or cold.  The knowledgeable staff is more than willing to help and you even get to taste from Japanese style cups rather than the standard sad plastic cups.  You can find sake inside Mitsukoshi at the very back of Japan.

sake face

  • Country Drinks—while the above are my favorite things to drink keep in mind each country does feature the drinks they are known for.  If you want to drink around the wold make sure you pace yourself, there are 11 countries after all!  Also remember that during festivals there will be even more booths and offerings so make sure and check those out while you are there.



  • Caramel popcorn—have you ever had fresh made caramel popcorn?  No?!  Well get your butt over to Karamell-Kuche in Germany and try some out.  You better get a big bag though its pretty darn addicting!  In case you couldn’t tell from the name these is actually a caramel store where there are many different desserts featuring, you guessed it, caramel.  If popcorn isn’t your thing try one of the many other caramel offerings!  Karamell-Kuche is located in the front of the Germany pavilion.


  • Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich—Choose from vanilla, chocolate or a seasonal flavor, trust me when I say you need to try this!  I’ve had the vanilla, peppermint, strawberries & cream, and pumpkin spice.  Surprise, the peppermint was my favorite.  I love macarons, I love fresh homemade ice cream, what is there not to love about the macaron ice cream sandwich.  When this first came out it was almost impossible to get one, now they have wizened up and make more daily.  Stop by and grab one, but not to share you will want to eat the whole thing by yourself 🙂  Macaron Ice Cream sandwiches can be found in the L’Artisan des Glaces Sorbet and Ice Cream Shop in the back of France but before the french shop.
  • Ice Cream Martini—also at the L’Artisan des Glaces Sorbet and Ice Cream Shop you can get two scoops of ice cream served with a shot of alcohol (grand marnier, whipped cream vodka, or rum).  Its pretty strong but definitely an interesting take on a martini.  If that isn’t your thing, get the ice cream alone because the ice cream can definitely be enjoyed all by itself.  Its amazingly delicious.
  • Croissant Donut—If you have never had a cro’nut I feel very sorry for you.  I’ve never had the original but the Disney version is the bees knees.  Soft, crispy, doughy and cinnamon-sugary delicious this treat tops my “must eat” list and is almost as delicious as a churro.  You can now also get this deliciousness with a scoop of ice cream on top.  While I love this alone, I can see the appeal on a hot Florida day.  You can find the croissant donut at the refreshment port before going into Canada.



  • Pretzel—once you get a pretzel from Germany you really wont want a pretzel from anywhere else.  Served plain, with some mustard or even some butter (you have to ask for that) these pretzels are hands down the best I’ve had.  Grab one while you grab a beer and all will be right with the world.  You can find pretzels at any counter service location or kiosk in Germany.

germany pretzel(source)

  • Anything at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie, no seriously anything.  This counter service location is located in the very back of France inside the back of the French merchandise shop.  Yeah its pretty hidden, but trust me the food is authentically french and delicious.  I’ve had macarons here but their savory offerings are just as tempting.

les halles

Full Service Dining:

  • Chefs de France—In case you cant tell I really love French cuisine.  A great table service location with top notch food and wine (a slightly cheaper than its 2nd floor counterpart) stop by Chefs de France for lunch or dinner.  I love the french onion soup, but really you cant go wrong with anything on the menu.  Chefs de France is located next to the fountains in France.  Advance dining reservations are recommended but during slow seasons probably not required.
  • Le Cellier-–Leading up to this Canadian restaurant is a beautiful and tranquil garden.  I think the food/gardens are modeled after Quebec (Vancouver is nothing like this) and I love this area so much.  Inside the restaurant its pretty dark and cramped but the food is amazing.  The menu is seasonal but everything I’ve had has been on point.  Make sure you eat the pretzel bread they bring out as an appetizer, its almost as good as a German pretzel.  This restaurant is extremely popular and advance dining reservations are required and should probably made right at the 120 day window.  Le Cellier is located in Canada under the rock formations.  The restaurant itself is hidden so look for the entrance to the garden and follow the path down.

gardens of la cellier

  • Coral Reef—If nothing else you need to eat here just because its a cool restaurant.  Get a close table and you can eat your fish while you watch the fish.  Sometimes there are proposals in the tank but I’ve never seen it.  Sometimes you can even see scuba divers in the tank which is fun to watch as well.  The food here though is also delicious.  Locally sourced and sustainable everything I’ve had here is delicious and perfectly prepared.  While its best dishes are seafood, there are other options available as well.  Advance dining reservations are recommended but not required during slow season.  Coral Reef is located in the Sea’s area inside Future World by the Finding Nemo ride.


  • Via Napoli—My all time favorite restaurant in Epcot where we eat as often as possible.  The pizza here is to die for!  I love the pizza ovens and they even have names!!!  We’ve had other dishes here but I always go back to the pizza.  Its really the best.  They import the water from Naples that’s how authentic this pizza is.  I really cant say enough great things about this place.  Advance dining reservations are recommended, I would venture to say required but you might be ok just a few days out.  Via Napoli is located in the very back of the Italy pavillion.
  • Teppan Edo—I’ve only been to Teppan Edo once but we had a great time!  How can you not have a good time at Hibachi though!  Great thing about Disney is there are always friendly people at your table that are happy to talk if you alone or its a great place to take a group of people!  There is also a non-hibachi area but why would you go and not enjoy a dinner show!  The food was really good too, I had steak and scallops which were or course cooked to order.  My friend did not partake in the hibachi but ordered sushi (you can order off the regular menu if you would like) and Joe and my other friend both had steak.  I don’t have any pictures from this because we went at a time before food pictures 🙂  but trust me we had a great time and would go again for sure!  Japan is really underrated for food but I would highly recommend giving it a try.  Advance dining reservations are recommended but not required unless going on a peak day like Christmas.


  • Akershus Royal Banquet Hall—My absolute favorite place to meet all the princesses at the same time is Akershus.  The food is better in my opinion than Cinderella’s Royal Table in Magic Kingdom and you get to meet all the princesses!! (its in Norway)  Below are a few that I have met but sometimes Mulan switches out for Ariel.  The princesses are really good about coming to all the tables like good royalty and they are so lovely and spend some time with you but not too much they have others guests to attend to and you have food to eat!  I’ve been here a few times for lunch and have enjoyed the food, but it is Norwegian inspired so be prepared for some interesting dishes.  Advance dining reservations are required and should be made as soon as you can especially if you are going during Princess Half Marathon weekend (the middle of February) 🙂  Akershus is located in Norway and is the only restaurant in that country.

Quick Service Dining:

  • Gourmet Grilled Cheese—I’m talking Canadian cheddar and green apple gourmet.  Also available are soups and salads which makes this the perfect quick service kiosk.  Sadly this location is only open at odd hours and sometimes only during peak days its not always easy to grab a grilled cheese but if you find yourself near Test Track and the Taste Track (cute name right) is open and serving up delicious bites, get yourself a grilled cheese and tomato basil soup and be happy you did.
  • Mac and Cheese Hamburger—this may not actually be on the menu anymore because the burgers do change from time to time but we were lucky enough to try the mac and cheese hamburger and it was interesting, weird and delicious all at the same time.  I love a good cheesy burger though so adding the mac and cheese just took it over the top.  Disney burger patties aren’t really anything to write home about but its fun to try different variations of an old classic.  You can possibly find the mac and cheese burger if not a different interesting burger at the Electric Umbrella in Future World by Mouse Gears.


Well that’s it folks, that’s all she wrote.  Quite a bit actually but Epcot has the most to offer I wanted to make sure I covered as much as I could.  These are all just my favorites, but know there are so many other options out there it might make your head spin on your first visit.  I’m always here for recommendations 🙂

epcot food and wine

CHIME IN!!!  What do you love to eat at Epcot?  Ever been during a festival?  Have you had a cro’nut before?


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