Workout Recap 4/12-18

My legs are rebelling this week.  They feel all tight and swollen and nasty…made for some interesting runs to say the least.  I didn’t do any cross-training this week mainly because my motivation just wasn’t there.  I need to get back at it though, I have some trips coming up I want to  be buff for 😀  Let’s talk about how this week went!

Tuesday:  Rest Day!  What?!  I know!  A rest day on a Tuesday, the insanity!  My calves have been feeling so tight its stupid.  Those hills man, they are still bothering me.  15 minutes foam rolling and stretching that night to try and loosen up.  I also had my yearly physical today (clean bill of health thank you very much) and worked the rest of the day at home…wish I could have been doing what the puppies were doing though 🙂

Wednesday:  40 minute run scheduled for 3.5 miles but my feet were getting some crazy cramps so I ended at 31 minutes with 2.75 miles.  I have no idea why my body is being a jerk right now.  I was wearing compression socks which I think may have something to do with it.  I’m going to wear my compression sleeves tomorrow for the speed work to test my theory.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night.  I’m working on my pigeon pose right now, I know its dark but there isn’t supposed to be any space between my hip and the floor.  Right now there is like a 5 inch gap.  Yeah I have tight hips lol.

Thursday:  Well I think it finally happened…I think my fitbit has bit the dust.  First my fitbit was dead from using it yesterday (on a full battery), then I forgot to use the lap function for my workout today, finally it wont sync anymore so I don’t know how fast my pick-ups were.  Ugh stupid fitbit.  After some research I think I’m going to get the Garmin Forerunner 235.  If I do decide to get that one Ill give a full review once I’ve used it for a while.  Anyway the run…so it was 40 minutes with a 10:26 average pace for 3.86 miles.  The goal was 8x1min pick ups at faster than 5k pace with 1 minute rest between each.  The first 4 were a struggle because my achillies tendon is SCREAMING at me (ordered a massager for it, don’t worry I’m working on it) but loosened up a bit for the last 4.  I think my times were 8:30-7:50 pace but don’t know because of said crazy brain this morning.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night to try and loosen up more.  On a positive note my jasmine is starting to bloom!  I am finally getting that wall of white I’ve been working on since we moved here!!!

Friday:  Rest Day!  Didn’t do much today, stayed off the legs and all that jazz.  Did 15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that night and did a lot of downward dog.  Those muscles at the back of the ankle have been so tight and I felt it so hard core doing the downward dog…adding another pose to my nightly routine it seems 🙂  I also got my new watch!  My fitbit died on me (the replacement I got for my original) and apparently the warranty for a replacement watch is whatever the warranty on the original watch is…which is stupid…this watch crapped out after not even 4 months.  So instead of buying a new fitbit that I wasn’t happy with I decided to upgrade to the Garmin Forerunner 235.  I’ll do a full review once I’ve run with it more but what sold me on this model was all the added features and the heartrate monitor is in the watch and not a chest strap.

Saturday:  7 mile run on tap today for 1:15:00.  I ended with 6.93 miles with a little slower pace than recommended at 10:50.  I am still dealing with leg stiffness and the humidity was a beast today which always makes it rough for me to breath.  Took a cliff vanilla gel at 4 miles and tried nuun active tablets today in my water.  Not sure what I think of the tablets yet, going to try them a few more times to get a good idea of how i feel about them.  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling that morning followed by a detox bath.

Sunday:  I was supposed to run 4 miles of recovery today but, I didn’t want to so I didn’t.  We may have also been out pretty late last night for an event and I was just plain dog tired.  Instead we went to brunch and installed a fan at my brothers house.  Better use of my time today I think.


Monday:  I don’t know if you heard but it was raining cats and dogs in Houston with a lot of pretty terrible flooding.  I had a 30 minute run scheduled for today but decided to push it back a day because of the mess that was the streets yesterday.  Work was also closed so it was a nice day to stay at home and relax.  Its a bad picture but that’s behind my house which is usually just bone dry…not today…

CHIME IN!!!  How did your workouts go this week?  Did you get hit by the crazy storm system that is apparently over Denver?  What’s your favorite brunch item?

5 thoughts on “Workout Recap 4/12-18

  1. Sorry you’re feeling so stiff and sore, and for so long! That can be a real downer. I was having some issues with my calves a few weeks ago, and it took a good 1.5-2 weeks to truly loosen up. I was doing lots of foam rolling and compression socks-wearing and doing self-massage on the darn things in a hot bath (that would help for an evening, but I’d be only a tiny bit less stiff in the morning), but I think the most helpful thing, unfortunately, was time. Hopefully your calves will get their act together soon!

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