Workout Recap 4/26-5/2

Back in the swing of training this week.  Good thing too because its starting to get hot and I need to get this ol’ body adjusted.  Let’s talk workouts shall we!

Tuesday:  Rest day!  Rest day so soon!  I know right!  No complaints here, readjusting to being back and work and working out takes time yall 🙂

Wednesday:  40 minutes at 11:19 pace with 4x2min hill repeats.  Rest/warm-up/cool down at 1% incline, hills at 5% incline with 2 minutes rest in-between.  The goal was to do 4-6 but I did 4.  Getting back into working out my legs weren’t ready for 2 more just yet but I didn’t have to reduce the speed at all during the run so that is a major plus in my book!  10 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.


Thursday:  Recovery run 45 minutes for 4 miles at 11:14 pace.  It was so humid today it made my heartrate get a little higher than I would have liked but overall things were ok.  I didn’t take the dogs today, Oreo is on some medicine right now for a bladder issue that is making his stomach a little upset.  Poor puppy dog 😦  15 minute stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.


Friday:  Rest day as usual!  15 minutes stretching / foam rolling / yoga poses that night.  I feel silly doing downward dog but it helps so much!

downward dog

Saturday:  Oh rainy Saturday you make my life rough.  Overly dramatic but 7 miles on the treadmill is rough.  I actually broke it up into 35 and 40 minute increments so it wasn’t so bad but wow it felt so long.  I was really hot and had a hard time keeping my heartrate down so my average pace was 11:30 for the first 35 minutes and 12:09 for the last 40 minutes.  Oh the plus side i got it done and did the whole time instead of finding an excuse to end early.  I ended up getting 6.5 miles instead of the 7 but the goal is either time or distance and I hit the time before the distance.  15 minutes foam rolling / stretching / yoga poses that night.

treadmill run

Sunday:  rest day!  What better way to spend a rest day then going to see Beauty and the Beast!  I am so happy it came back to Houston I never got to see the original run!!

beauty and the beast

Monday:  40 minutes for 3.48 miles with an average pace of 11:36 for my recovery run.  Goal was to keep heartrate in zone 1 the whole time and for once I did pretty well!  It had rained earlier that morning so the humidity was pretty much gone and there was a nice cool breeze.  Felt good to get a nice easy run outside in before treadmill runs this week while Im in Corpus.  No picture though I was totally distracted by some other things I had going on today.

CHIME IN!!!  How do you ease back into working out?  Do you love or hate the humidity?  Downward dog, thoughts?


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  1. Downward dog: the best stretch for tight calf muscles! Humidity: the worst!

    Great week, especially with your hill repeats! I hate hill workouts so much, but they are such a necessary evil.

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  2. Brittany says:

    I llooveee down dog, it always feels so good. I’m getting back on the wagon of consistent workouts right now and it hurts, but feels so good at the same time!

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  3. I never get out of a work out – so I never have to ease back in !LOL!

    AND HUMIDITY + WORK OUT = HECK NO!! The gym I go! LOL!

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    1. ill take the humidity over the gym i get so bored in the gym!

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  4. Humidity sucks my soul.

    I always feel so badass after I rock a hill workout. Sometimes I totally suck at them, but every once and a while I rock it and it’s the best feeling.

    I love downward dog, but I’m pretty sure I don’t bend from the hips as sharply as I should. If that makes any sense…so, I’m a work in progress, but it always feels to good & I use it as a stretch in between other stretches. Since I use this position to re-group before some hip poses.

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    1. ive noticed downward dog is a pretty typical transition stance and i can totally see why makes me feel so much better after, no wonder my actual dogs so it so much lol


  5. Ashley Dailey says:

    Downward dog is my favorite!! Perfect for getting into tight hamstrings and calfs! 🙂

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